Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smoking can help prevent a smoker from getting asthma

Maybe I should neva stop smoking just to avoid getting asthma myself. And smoke some natural menthols from now on on top of that. I have quit smoking premade menthols because those Newports don't taste the same ever since me tried Seneca menthols. Those Newports don't even taste like tobacco is in em eitha.

So smoking not only helps certain ladies stay slim. Smoking also helps prevent me from getting asthma, and it helps new smokers get rid of their own asthma.

Those are two benefits of smoking antis don't want to hear from a prosmoker.

When antismoking sources mention how menthols are more dangerous than regulars (the main reason why I have a so-called greater chance of dying from smoking than otha groups of smokers), they forgot those "menthols" they talking about got chemicals and additional levels of nic the companies put into the menthols. I even rememba a guy at an offline smokers meeting stating that Newports have chemicals in em that are proven to cause cancer.

I refused to believe it at the time because it's my life. I still believe I smoke because it's my life, my business. But based on how that premade brand tastes now, I'm convinced those ain't REAL menthols.

If more Black smokers switched to natural menthols, or at least made their own menthols....I wonder if antis can say then we have a greater chance of dying sooner by smoking menthols that have nothing but tobacco, natural nic from the tobacco, and mint flavoring inside each cig. The oldest smokers I heard of eitha smoked cigars, or made their own cigs.

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