Friday, February 8, 2008

Smoking bans save lives? LOL!!!

I read a comment from an anti online (I forgot WHERE I read it), and this chick was VERY THANKFUL for a smoking ban. According to herself, now that a bar is smoke-free, she doesn't have to worry about SHS killing her in there. She even said her life has been saved thanks to the smoking ban ROFL!

WTF is wrong with this pic?

I know what's wrong with it. Smoking bans do not save people's lives. A smoking ban can't shield you from someone with a weapon in the streets. Smoking bans don't help pay our monthly bills. Smoking bans don't even buy thangs in stores for me. Should I ask a smoking ban to buy my Newport cartons too? Someone buying cigs for me would save my financial life. LOL!!!

I don't feel my life is saved at all. I feel it got worse wit hone of my American freedoms being taken away.

If that chick really thinks a statewide smoking ban has saved her life, then I sincerely hope she neva becomes a crime victim. I can name thousands of people n my community who would laugh at hearing someone thinking a smoking ban saved her life. Even a guy pulling a chick outta a building with fire in it is more closer to saving a life than a smoking ban "saving a life!"

I know I've seen more proof over the past month on smoking bans KILLING owners/workers' financial lives instead of SAVING their financial lives.

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