Thursday, February 28, 2008

A smoke-in at W. Frankfort, IL on March 1

What betta way to start off March Madness by having a large turnout of IL smokers showing their madness at a state smoking ban by lighting up at a shop as part of a smoke-in!

John Hemminghaus, a West Frankfort, IL business owner, still plans to have a smoke-in at his business this Saturday, March 1. He's been threatened by state authorities to receive a $2,500 fine if he still plans on having the smoke-in. But we of IL Smokers Rights will set up a fund to help him pay for that fine.

I hear at least 200 smokers will be at that event. I can't attend because of thangs going on with my ailing mother, and the fact I don't have an easy way to reach that town since I don't drive. I intend on keeping up with it, since it sounds like this smoke-in will get local media attention. The smoke-in starts at noon in John's shop.

If any smokers want to contact John and give him support, here's his contact info.

John Hemminghaus
Wounded Rig Inc
18349 Route 37
West Frankfort, IL 62896
jonhemm@peoplepc. com

That address is where the smoke-in will be held at.

If you plan on attending the smoke-in, please contact Jim Blogg at:
Phone: 815-365-2396


dumpstermcnuggets said...
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dumpstermcnuggets said...

That's awesome to see news about this smoke-in, and I'm very saddened that I have all but no way I'd be able to make this event(as I only have a license, but like you, don't own a car). I wish John Hemminghaus the best of luck, and I hope this encourages more smoke-ins throughout Illinois!

BTW, don't buy any Chicago Tribune papers either, as I'm just disgusted by their fanatical trumping of the IL statewide ban(as one of their editorials in Sec. 1 yesterday demonstrated yet again to me), to the point that I've decided that I'll permanently NEVER buy any Tribune Company-owned newspapers again, until they renounce or wise up on their support of the state ban, and realize the consequences the state ban is causing to businesses throughout IL. Finally, it's not lost on me either that since last year, they've required smokers who work for the Tribune Company to pay an extra fee for health insurance.