Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Q for antis about asthma and not smoking

It's been said before that asthma rates have gone up with more smoking bans popping up and with more adults quitting smoking.

My mother was diagnosed with asthma last week (She's back in the crib for the record). But she wasn't actually smoking for two weeks when she got the asthma.

It is odd, based on antismoking logic, that my mother has smoked for 40+ years, and neva had asthma. But yet, when she decides to quit smoking, THAT'S when she actually becomes asthmatic.

Me knows darn well her past smoking didn't cause her to get asthma. Because if her smoking caused it, she would've gotten it a HECK of a lot sooner than now. She stopped smoking, and even though me ain't smoking around her, she got asthma afta being a nonsmoker for two weeks.

Wassup with that, antis? Especially since you liars teach that the act of smoking causes a smoker to get asthma??

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