Sunday, February 3, 2008

A poem for people running into fascists

Since it seems like obese people in Mississippi are now starting to get 2nd class treatment (I heard that state is proposing not serving obese people in restaurants), here's a free-verse poem I wrote for smokers AND the obese, Two groups that are having their freedoms taken away.

I know how it feels to be turned down in society,
Because I'm a Black person living in America.
And living as a Black person ain't easy,
When it's hard as heck for me to even make one buck.

If you smoke cigs or if you're obese,
You might be getting a taste of discrimination
Simply based on those choices you made in your own life.

My advice is simple if you run into a fascist.
Don't accept that person's insults.
Do what older generations of my race did.
And that is defend your freedoms by fighting and challenging lies from society.

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