Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An official smoke-in (IL article)


Article quote:

"Our military goes over and fights in combat and they can't come back to their own private organization and cant smoke and have a drink with their friends our freedom is being taken away from us."

I couldn't have said this better. You can fight for the US. But you can't use your actual freedoms in the US. What's the point of being a vet at all if you gonna have freedoms taken away by the govt who thinks they're our parents?

I think more smokers need to light up in places and have some more smoke-ins if they think being an American is more important than letting a smoking ban control our lives.

Yes, I said "our" lives. If I'm gonna be an American, I'm gonna exercise all of the freedoms I have, including the freedom to smoke. It's not right to force me to pay 1000s of taxes in Illinois, and then tell me at the same time I can't smoke in places. Why the F is IL stealing my money via taxes? I oughta get SOME KIND of reward in exchange for being a taxpayer. Maybe a reward like a place to smoke at?

I think this cold weather alone is enough to convince me to let people smoke in places. But a 10 percent drop in revenues is another legit reason to "break a law.

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