Friday, February 8, 2008

My first blog post of a pic of a smoking brotha

I wanna try to do somethang I neva done before in this blog. And that's post pics of smokers. But I prefer posting pics of fellow African smokers. I could post pics of African kids smoking in here (I actually came across pics of that nature online). But I ain't doing that. Because I know how America views underage smoking in general.

Antis would flip if they came across pics of African kids smoking that I found on Google. And the funny part is, those were pics of smoking kids who are actually living in Africa (and not Black kid smokers in the USA).

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Jason T said...

That's the same exact way I light up my cigs. I don't botha holding the cig as I light. I pull the cig out, put it in my mouth, point the Bic at the tobacco end of it, and flick.