Saturday, February 16, 2008

A license to smoke will not work

I read about a proposed idea in the UK about requiring adult smokers to buy permits in order to smoke. And one smoker thinks the idea in the US would work


That idea HAS to be a joke. Why the F would I need a license to smoke cigs? You need a license to own a handgun and a license to drive motorcycles. But if you gonna propose a license to smoke, where are the freakin licenses to drink alcohol?

I mean seriously, a permit to buy tobacco won't work. Hood kids will ask someone they know with the permit to buy cigs for them. And I'd ask smokers with licenses to buy me cartons too. Oh don't worry. Just like with a kid offering me "cig money" to buy a pack for him/her, I can offer a smoking chick my money to help me get smokes.

And what about FAKE permits to smoke? I'm sure a fake permit can be made in the same way underage brothas and sistas use their "real" fake IDs to buy smokes, drinks, and tattoos.

What a permit to smoke can do is put an end to cigs being sold underground. Because since taxes on cigs would be illegal (with the license idea), and since buying cigs from a govt agency would work....cigs would be affordable again.

All a kid has to do is give the smoker the money before the smoker goes to that govt. agency. And I can do the same thang myself. How would the govt know if the smoker is buying cigs for personal use only and not on behalf of me or a young smoker from the hood?

What's next? Someone is gonna propose I pay 10 bucks extra for a carton for simply being a Black smoker?

I hope this UK idea goes up in smoke before it becomes accepted. There are flaws in a LOT of proposed laws out here.

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