Monday, February 4, 2008

A bogus study on smoking I came across online

I'm gonna respond to these points brought up in this study: (My comments in bold) I gave ALL of these studies 1's. They really deserve a -10 rating.


- Avoid smoking at home or in a car
(My mother smoking in a home and her car never affected me as a child, nor did it stunt my growth. So how is ME smoking in a home or car with a kid any different? That kid is gonna grown up just fine if/when I become a dad.)

- Caution children to stay away from secondhand smoke and places that allow smoking
(And how the heck are you gonna caution a kid to stay away from smokers in the streets? Do you realize how many smokers are in the Chicago streets? The only way a kid can avoid SHS outside is by moving to Antartica.)

- Teach children there is no safe level of secondhand smoke
(A flat-out lie. SHS can go away faster with adequate ventilation.)

- Do not smoke while pregnant or near someone who is pregnant
(Wait a minute! Are you implying if I smoke around a pregnant lady, that's the same thing as me raping her and her unborn child? Did you know a lotta babies that were born in the baby boom days came from moms who smoked while pregnant? And they were all born healthily....premature births assosciated with preg smoking are rare.)

- Use a smoke-free daycare center
(Well, you lucky all daycare centers in IL are smoke-free. But what difference would it make if smoking was allowed in it?)

- If you are a smoker, ask your doctor what you can do to stop

(Good advice. I oughta ask my doctor what I can do to put an end to antismoking poisonanda, and ask my doc how to get rid of ignorant fascists in this world too. I doubt a doc can help me in that regard.)

- Become a role model for your child - do not smoke

(I think I would make a good role model for my future child by not smoking crack anyway. But smoking the legal crap...that being cigs, duh...won't make me a bad role model.)

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