Thursday, February 7, 2008

I will NOT make the business list at all

Afta reading thoughts from otha smokers on my idea of constructing a business list, I will throw that idea in the trash. It was a good idea to me at first.

But the last thang I wanna see happen is antis busting into a Chicago bar in hood fashion, where they get violent with anyone they see smoking in the bar. And I certainly don't want IL cops raiding into any bar in IL or otha business that is ignoring the ban.

Because let's face it. A business ignoring a smoking ban is illegal. Although I've seen some REAL law-breaking several times, and I personally don't see what's illegal about smoking a cig in a building.

And even if I exchange the list privately, some smokers are right. There's no freakin way for me to tell if the person is a smoker or not in an email. Antis actually do pretend to be smokers online.

So I'm sorry. I guess if you smoke, you will have to find those "law-breaking" hospitality businesses in IL yourself. Because I feel if a business gets raided, or if a smoke cop or anti actually shot a smoker to death during the raid, someone might try suing my Black A since I provided a list, and that's how those cops/antis learned about the business. I don't need someone pressing charges on me for doing somethang I thought was a good idea.

Therefore, I'll focus on keeping up with otha IL smokers/owners who want to sue the STATE instead. It's partially funny a business ignoring the smoking ban has to be kept secret in the same fashion as these hood teen sistas who hang out with older men. Because breaking a smoking ban ain't comparable to a teen girl having an adult bf (which is REALLY illegal in society).

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jsidney said...

How about publishing a list of restaurants/taverns which have outdoor patios where smoking is legal?
If you have those in Illinois? They deserve the advertisement and the smokers need the information.

Nice site. I found it on Smokers' Lobby. Copied your poem.