Monday, February 4, 2008

I wanna know the IL places that are ignoring the smoking ban

These are two smoker-friendly places within the Windy City that I just read about online. If you know of any more places in the Chicago area that are eitha smoker-friendly or are ignoring the smoking ban, feel free to drop me a line at

1. Nar Hookah
806 W Randolph

2. Fizz Bar and Grill
3220 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago.

Their website:

Fizz Bar and Grill, it has the heated out door patio for those who would like to smoke. There is a picture of the tented area if you scroll down on the cover of the website. Fizz Bar and Grill serves drinks and food.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the info, it's good to keep each other informed.

Jon Sheline said...'s great that you want to let other smokers know where they can engage in a little civil disobedience (I've been looking around for these kind of places myself). However, you gotta find a way to keep it under the radar...I guarantee you, if you name names and places, the anti-smoking gestapo will descend on said places like flies on crap. I happen to know that anti-smoking watchdogs are out prowling around the bars here in Chicago (and probably statewide). I know this because I work in a bar in Andersonville...I've seen some unfamiliar shady characters who think they're being subtle, but I can sniff out their agenda at 500 paces.
Just be careful and use common sense...the health fascists are watching.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

Gosh, the ban sucks so much. Most bars, and most restaurants I've checked out that used to permit smoking look much deader post-ban, they than did pre-smoking ban. (and no lol, not all people who check out bars post-ban are anti snitches, I personally check out some occasionally to confirm for myself that such bans are worser for restaurants and bars that were smoker-friendly) Not to finally mention too, the times when bars/restaurants are busy occur at much shorter time periods, than it was before the ban, when the amount of both smoking and non-smoking customers was much more consistent throughout all hours of operation. I got proven correctly on the latter when I was on vacation in a place in Indiana that only had a smoking ban for restaurants, and the place was DEAD like an hour after I ate there with my parents at its peak hour when we ate there(keep in mind I only ate at this place, to play nice with my parents).

I checked out the thread that you started on about this, and I agree with Brian Williams that any sorta 'IL smokeeasy list' needs to be kept under wraps, and carefully screened so that no antis join it to bust businesses disobeying the ban. Maybe it'd be a better idea to only email it to people who are either smokers or libertarians on this issue, and not even make it a screened-list that people can join, since it only takes one anti snitch to get such businesses in trouble(and that antis might try to guise themselves as smokers, to view the list).

That aside, I'm sure the same thing is probably occurring(antis wondering around to bust places secretly allowing smoking) in other IL cities beyond Chicago, such as Rockford, Peoria, Carbondale, B-Normal, etc. Sure wonder why that I suspect it'd be much easier for an out-of-the-way business in some rural area to disobey the ban, than it'd be for one in a city or suburb to disobey the statewide ban..... *sigh*

dumpstermcnuggets said...

One last thing: places like Fizz Bar and Grill on Lincoln Ave. only allow smoking on their outdoor patio. I know of other places that have such an outdoor patio setup, but I'd feel guilty patronizing such places, since if you do that, you're all but signaling to antis that smokers are going along with the ban.

I think now that some IL lawmakers(such as Rep. Mike Jacobs in the Quad Cities) are proposing to amend the ban for a limited number of businesses, that somehow we all need to rally support for that effort. After all last year in Hawaii, pro-smoking groups successfully got 1/3 of all Hawaii lawmakers to co-sponsor a similar effort, so I feel that the sooner we all start to write to lawmakers signaling our displeasure with the IL ban, the sooner it'll be before it is repealed for at least some businesses. Not to finally mention too, bar owners in a Houston suburb successfully got their suburb to amend their (former)total ban to exempt bars last month, so I definitely believe it's possible WITH an organized effort, to get bans repealed. And I can't forget either that Champaign(IL) voters elected moderates in 2007 to its city council that successfully got that city's ban amended to exempt bars!