Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I did NOT convince my mother to start smoking again

This is a message for those rude-A mothas online who hinted I played a role in convincing my mother to start smoking again. I never smoked around my mother over the past month, and I never asked her if she wants a cig.

She came to me and asked me for a pack of cigs. I gave her the pack because if I didn't, she would've gotten outraged and beat the living crap out of me like in my lil boy days.

And I understand how it feels to be a smoker. We know nobody lives forever, right? And we know she wouldn't live forever if she never smoked again, right? So what's the freakin big deal about her smoking again? She's lucky to be alive period since a bullet in the air could've killed her at anytime in the streets years ago.

I am not gonna quit smoking for the sake of my mother. The best I did was not smoke around her. I'm gonna enjoy life to the fullest. In a town like Chicago, she should be more worried about someone trying to take advantage of her, or someone threatening her with a gun.

It's not the end of the world if someone smokes again. A lotta former smokers light up cigs/cigars again. I'd rather see her smoke cigs than J's anyway for her sake of not living in a JAIL for the rest of her life!

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Jason T said...

As I told someone on another forum, I'm not quitting smoking for ANY woman in my life. I AM a good son because based on her age, I could've decided to kill her myself when she got back home. But I didn't. Because I'm not a sick man who kills people in his own family.

There are people in the hood who don't smoke cigs at all. BUT, they smoke weed, snort coke, and use other drugs. Neva mind those bros/sis who get drunk. What about these folks in the hood who die from catching the HIV? There are more bros in this town who like male sex than you may think!

If you think I'm not a good son only because I gave my mother a pack of Newports when SHE asked me for the pack, F*** you, and go to he**.

She could be doing a LOT of worse thangs than smoking cigarettes that would REALLY kill her right now.

I know she's recovering from pneumonia. But she neva smoked for a whole month, and I'M another smoker who used to have pneumonia 10 years ago. Please explain why I'm still living afta smoking Newports for the past 10 years despite recovering from pneumonia myself.