Friday, February 29, 2008

Black Hawk Tobacco Shop

If anyone's looking for a trustworthy smoke shop that sells Native cigarette brands (ie: Seneca, Smokin Joe's, The brand called "Native," etc), feel free to check out this Native-owned shop by CLICKING THIS.

Me also added a link to my blog off to the side. I haven't bought from this shop yet. But I decided to give one Native smoke shop online a promotion. Since Native shops are not required to report orders to their customers' states. And the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop confirms this on their site. If they did report orders, me wouldn't even add them to my links on here.

They also sell Smokin Joe's cigars. I love the customer service at this site. I got a timely response to my email from them on Myspace. They're very honest unlike otha smoke shop online reps that lie in response to Q's. (At least the reps I heard of who are liars)

I notice this shop even allows me to buy a carton of mixed brands....somethang you can't do at most online shops. I could buy a carton with 5 regular packs, 5 menthol packs, or even a carton of 5 Seneca Menthol packs, and 5 Smokin Joe's Menthol packs. (That was only an example....I'm sure you don't have to buy carton of could even be 2 packs each of 5 different bands in the carton)

Note: This shop only sells Native cig brands. Not the premade cig brands that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Native cigs are made with 100% natural tobacco. Senecas taste a lot like a premium premade brand at the cheap price. Except the Senecas taste even betta. And I can chainsmoke 7 Seneca menthols in a row without feeling headaches and without getting drowsy.

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discount said...

Hi Jay!

My name is Melissa Bracken and I work for the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop.

You have said some really nice things on here about us and I truly appreciate it. There are only two of us that work to promote the company online and it is great that all of our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Thanks again man....always feel free to drop us a line on Myspace.

We have quite a few websites:

and more to come...

Thanks again Jay,