Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What you can do to help overturn a ban in your area

These are some tips I read from a smoker in my Yahoo group. And these tips are beneficial for all smokers to read. Especially if you're trying to overturn a ban in your local area.

While this post was meant for residents in IL, I'm sure these tips can help any American smokers. Unfortunately, I don't know the best way to look up state legislators online if you're a smoker from outside of IL. You can probably do a Google search for your home state's legislators.


0) take time to practice what you want to say and say it succinctly. Try
to cut the fat. If you must, rant to a friend first to flesh out the
main bits.

0a) look up your state legislator online
http://www.election DistrictLocator/ SelectSearchType .aspx

1) when calling, identify yourself as a constituent

2) give your message. If you are upset, or trying to avoid being upset,
mention that. Understand that your representative may not vote as you
want, but particularly with smoking issues, wouldn't it be nice if
smokers called up and cut through the rude stereotype?

3) give an example of someone you saw kicked outside because of the ban,
or of people that will be hurt by the more stringent ban(the elderly, at

4) ask who else you can call. Ask "Is it okay to call the sponsors of
the bill? I don't want to waste their time, but I want to make my voice
heard where it can be." I honestly don't know that. And it is a good

5) ask if the office would like to see statistics via e-mail and a few
brief web page links

6) thank them for the time and the opportunity to express yourself. Ask
them if they feel you've been too harsh, and promise them you will try
to do better the next time.

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