Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Veteran Smokers earned their right to smoke

If you want to read a new perition involving Veteran Smokers, feel free to CLICK THIS.

My comment on there:

I believe if a former vet happens to be a smoker, and he fought for the US, he shouldn't be forced to smoke outside unless there's a shelter with heat and an AC. As a matter of fact, it's unconstitutional to force any senior smoker outside. That senior smoker earned his/her freedom as an American! Oh yeah, we Americans don't have freedoms anymore. Well, that needs to change. And it could start with giving vet smokers, senior smokers, and disabled smokers (like myself on being disabled) special needs when it comes to smoking outdoors. I thought I was born in the land of the FREE. Not the land of the NANNIES!

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