Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is a fake pic of how a smoking lady will look 30 years from now

I just stumbled onto Oprah's site, where I read more info on today's show.

One site page shows how a 29-year old lady would look like 30 years from now if she continued to smoke...and how she would look 30 years from now if she didn't smoke.


(the pics should be on top of the page when you view it)

I honestly see NO differences in these two pics. I think those wrinkles are fake in the "smoker" pic, as well as the deeper color of her face.

Of all of the smokers I've seen who are at least 59 years old....they never had THAT many wrinkles on their faces!

I wish any folks who are antis can show some REAL pics of smokers in their late 50's. Because with computer-enhanced pics, you can add anything you want in the smoker pic to make it look scary to nonsmokers. It's better to be honest than to instill fear in people.

Maybe it's me, but some of the prettiest women in this world happen to be smokers.

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