Monday, January 28, 2008

Smoke-ins and lawsuits from owners

I love the idea of gathering as many smokers as possible for a smoke-in at the Springfirld office. I'd love to see the looks on those mothas' faces when they see a group of smokers walking in with lit cigs and cigars.

But in order to have a smoke-in, aside from the obvious (like planning it out and getting as many smokers as you can), you need a lawyer in the group who smokes too. So he can handle counterattacking ticket/arrest threats. And he could have some proof on a list of IL businesses that closed down due to the smoking ban. He could also show proof that SHS does not kill nonsmokers...I saw proof online that SHS claims are all lies.

If you don't have a lawyer, you can forget about a smoke-in. Unless you like the idea of living behind bars, since you're still breaking a law.

I hope these southern IL owners planning to file lawsuits got lawyers on their side too. Othawise, those owners will lose. But of course, the owners will have to show proof on how the ban has hurt their business....and I know the owners got evidence in that regard.

I'd join a smoke-in anytime. I don't have to say a word in the smoke-in because the act of smoking is a form of me using my freedom of speech. I'd ratha NOT talk because I don't want to leave a bad impression on smokers in general with my mouth. That's why you need a "leader" for a smoke in....a lawyer! I'm just the "member of the gang" so to speak, and I'm just doing my part of the "job."

But I know if someone in that Springfield office told me "Please stop smoking in here, N!" I'd have no choice but to talk and maybe blow smoke in that moron's face as self-defense.

I am NOT trying to compare a smoke-in to a planned bank robbery or whatever. My bad if you got that impression. But walking into a Springfield office with a lit cig in your hand is still law-breaking. Albeit a bank robbery is a real crime.

And when you break ANYTHING that's a matta how serious the law is....
you betta make sure you do your homework so you don't get caught. The same applies for a gotta know who's gonna talk on behalf of the group to decrease the chances of all of us getting in deep sheet. (You know, the "leader?") But at least with a ticket, we can file lawsuits for freedom of speech violations.

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