Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Presidential Election

2008 is also the year of the next Presidential election. This country needs a Black President. I wouldn't mind seeing a woman President. But Hillary Clinton wants to have a nationwide smoking ban from what I heard about her. O'Bama is in favor of smoking bans as an EX-smoker.

If I was President of the United States, I'd make ALL smoking bans illegal. Including getting rid of outdoor smoking bans. Whateva happened to making both sides happy? It should be the business owner's decision as to whetha or not he/she wants to allow smoking. I'd bring back smoking sections/non-smoking sections in restaurants.

I'd make it illegal to keep raising tobacco taxes. Smokers shouldn't be forced to fund thangs like the SCHIP. I wouldn't mind seeing higher fast food taxes though.

I'd require every building to have adequate ventilation. If nonsmokers are still gonna complain about smelling smoke in the nonsmoking area, maybe they can ask for a table that's far away from the smoking section. Or maybe they can avoid going to the restaurant. I'm sure that restaurant doesn't need money from someone who is gona snitch about smelling smoke.

If I was President, I'd force all employers to interview ALL of their applicants before the employers make a final decision on who to hire. Most of the time when a poor person applies for a job, he/she will be lucky to get a reply period. Even when the employer hires someone else, that otha applicant will be lucky to even get a negative reply.

We also need to give the poor more job opportunities. If people wonder why so many poor people are involved in getting money illegally, maybe it has somethang to do with the fact those poor people can't get hired. Getting money illegally is wrong 100 percent. But I do understand a bro or sis doing whateva the heck it takes to make a living (if he/she can't get hired).

If America had more jobs out here (and if employers were more willing to hire poor people), you would see a decrease in criminals.

Speaking of those who break laws in order to make it out here, I'd make it illegal for a cop to search any smoker for no valid reason. Because I know searching a bro's body while he's smoking a cig is wrong. I can see searching a bro smoking a cig if the cop suspects him to be involved in a case the cop is investigating. But I should be allowed to make a cop pay for searching an innocent smoker like me. Especially if that cop touches any part of my body while searching me. I'd do the same exact thang if an anti tried touching me too.

Bush is a good example of the type of President we don't need. He denied on national TV that he hates Blacks during the Katrina after math in '05. But I saw othawise when he waited for several days to pass before sending those brothas and sistas help at all in Nawlins.

I guess one negative of having a Black President is he would need bodyguards to protect him from assassination attempts. And if I was president, I'd have TWO evil groups having a deep interest in killing me. Antis would probably love to see a President like me killed so they can take over Americans' lives again. But I got bad news for those a-holes....I'm nto actually running for President!

My goal is to bring back a prosmoking USA where antismoking hardly exists. It's crazy that smokers get more negativity than even gays and gay marriages!


Jason T said...

Speaking of Katrina, I didn't like the media referring to us as "refugees" at first. I thought those "refugees" who lost their homes in Nawlins were Americans too. I wonder if Bush would've waited for days before sending help to Nawlins if the majority of the population in that city were all smokers who were not refugees.

When I think of that refugee term, that implies I was shipped over here from Africa and I'm just stranded in the US.

I bet that media from CNN received a lot of complaints from Blacks nationwide about that "refugee" term.

I wonder if Nawlins was a town of wealthy folks who all smoked....would Bush wait for 5 days to pass before sending help to a SMOKER town too? I mean afta all, he cares more about the rich. But would he support a wealthy person who smokes cigars?

Oprah Winfrey would make a betta President than George W Bush. She provided her own help to that Black community. And she's a brave woman for doing so.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

Very well said post. It's absolutely sickening how deceptive anti-smoking groups will get, just to shove their farce of an 'agenda', and to impose all these different parts of their proposed overall agenda upon everyone.

I'm hardly surprised that as anti-smoking groups have become more and more successful at demonizing the smoking habit, that certain health problems have increased among the majority non-smoking population and among ex-smokers, such as our nation's obesity rate, and other health factors that basic internet search engines stack the cards against pulling up, only to show the same tired search results of the same 'risks' that anti groups have too long beaten a dead horse over.

And as for what you said about New Orleans, part of me thinks that he wouldn't care either way if people smoked, due to the fact that his wife Laura smoked for many years(and suspect she probably still smokes), and that his crony political friends probably turn a blind eye to people who aren't wealthy. However, that is a good question if he would've responded sooner if more of his crony political friends had an affinity for New Orleans, and were involved within the business community of that city.