Sunday, January 6, 2008

NOT smoking causes mental health problems and otha thoughts

Utah has the lowest adult smoking rate in the nation with 9.8 %. But they the #1 state in terms of the rate of adults with mental health problems (41.4%).

My conclusion: Seems like NOT smoking can cause you to get mental health problems. I can think of several antis online with their OWN mental health problems!

If Utah wants to stop being the state with the most adults having mental health problems, maybe those Utah adults can try a cig or two. Utah is a Mormon state, and Mormons are against tobacco period.

I know nobody's Bible says "Thou shalt not smoke." So I'm gonna light up, smoke a cig, and enjoy my life.

I guess one reason why I support underage smoking is because those smoking teens represent the future of smoking activism. A lot of teens already know how smoking bans are sheety. Afta all, I'm not the only person who sneaks smokes in prohibited areas in my town! They just need to understand the financial impact (on businesses) with smoking bans. And they need to understand someone criticizing them for smoking is no different from a person making fun of their looks.

If they have every darn right to live in America (even if most in society don't agree with the way most of "us" live), they should also have every darn right to protect their freedom to smoke when they become adults.

I don't mind sharing my thoughts on smoking issues in a different way from other folks in society. I rememba years ago when antismoking brothas and sistas used to call smoking a "W habit." And I hope I've shown to them smoking is not a "W habit." Smoking is an enjoyable habit for anyone.

And you certainly don't have to be W to support smokers rights eitha!!

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