Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nonsmokers ain't united

Nonsmokers think they got unity. With all due respect to them, I think my heritage is closer to being a good example of a united group. If a nonsmoker loses his home due to thangs beyond his control (ie the aftermath of a tornado/hurricane), can this person call ACS for immediate help?

Do nonsmokers look out for each otha in debates with smokers? Do nonsmokers nuild homes for other nonsmokers who need homes?

If the answer to all 3 Qs is NO, then nonsmokers are not united.

Even smokers ain't united (unless you count smoking activists looking out for each otha in the form of contacting officials, and presenting their side of the debate to the otha side....I rememba two smoking activists defending me in an argument with an anti online).

Smokers NEED to get united in "Black fashion" in order to save their rights. I don't mean smokers asking each otha for money help. I mean all smokers coming togetha in the fight. I know if every single IL smoker contacted the senators in IL, that would make me smile.

And if I saw an anti pushing a female smoker around, I would stand up for her and give that MF'ka the same treatment I'd give to someone throwing slurs at me.

If smokers can learn to stick togetha as "we" do, then the fight would be easier to win. Nonsmokers' version of unity is forcing their beliefs on othas. I don't force my beliefs on othas as a Black person.

The smoking activists I met in person neva disrespected me as a person, and I neva disrespected them. I get along with them since they respect the way I express my views on smoking issues.

I may be different as a person to most of those smoking activists. But they still made me feel welcome as a smokers rights supporter. Some of them even like my idea of fighting as long as it's a group of disobedient smokers (and not one smoker js ignoring the ban)

Nonsmokers don't believe in respecting othas, and they wanna tear up an opposer even if the opposer shows respect. If that's unity to them, then they need to spend time in a Black community one day to see what unity is REALLY like.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

I know what you said rings true for myself, since for years back when I used to be a non-smoker, I used to be neutral on the subject of smoking bans, until I self-educated myself on the effects of them, and started to actively work to oppose them.

Also, my decision to start smoking was not 100% based on my ire towards anti-smoking groups, but moreso since I wanted to become closer to certain college friends of mine who smoked. My ire towards such groups did definitely help spur me sooner in the direction to start, though.....