Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My search for "African-American Smokers" in Google

I came across somethang new online regarding Black smokers. This page from 2001 says African-American smokers smoke less than otha smokers.

If it's true most of the light smokers are African-Americans, I doubt they're smoking less for the sake of their health. I think they're smoking less because it's hard for a low-income smoker to afford 8-10 bucks per cigarette pack.

Maybe if packs were more affordable, you would be seeing a lot more Black smokers smoking 2 packs per day or more. If a pack was only 1 buck, I'd become a 3ppd smoker myself. But then again, it is tough to enjoy lots of cigs per day when you got smoking bans.

It ain't a surprise that more underage Blacks are smoking in recent years. But of these smokers who start before the age of 18, about 500,000 of those Black smokers will die from a smoking-related cause


If 45,000 Black smokers die per year, and if half of a million underage Black smokers will die by the time they are older, then that is essentially saying Big Tobacco is trying to wipe out the Black population themselves. I'm inclined to believe there are as many as 500,000 underage Black smokers nationwide.

That oughta give you an idea of how many smokers are in the US. if "we" represent 12 percent of the total American smokers, and you take 500,000 underage Black smokers into account. Maybe there's like 40-45 million smokers living in America.

45 million smokers is enough to fill up at least 7 US cities that were as large as NYC. 45 million smokers sounds like a LARGE group of folks to me. They probably are a minority when you take the whole US population into account. But it's kinda sad there are fewer smokers than the entire Black population nationwide.

I wonder how many of those "500,000 underage Black smokers" live in big cities...the type of cities where it's common to see under-18 folks smoking. In reality, I think that numba is slightly exaggerated.

Because not all of those underage Black smokers are thugs or are involved in gangs. Some of them probably get their packs legally...with the help of a fake ID or an adult brotha/sista buying cigs for them! Some of them probably buy their packs from dealers in the hood too.

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