Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is smoking an addiction? Nope

Smoking is not an addiction. If it was, I'd be smoking any type of cig I get my hands on. But since i prefer menthols over regulars that shows I smoke because I enjoy the minty taste of tobacco.

Antis want me to say I'm hopelessly addicted if I prefer to sneak smokes indoors. Well, I think smoking indoors has more to deal with protecting my freedom to smoke. I'm not gonna smoke outside just to please anyone (if I have that option of staying inside).

I've said before I'd really get outraged if cigs WERE banned. That's true because I enjoy smoking. I can't imagine myself not holding a lit cig for the rest of my life. And I enjoy the feeling of savoring smoke from a cigarette.

If I couldn't smoke a menthol, Id rather find one first before smoking a regular.

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