Friday, January 25, 2008

IL Vets can now smoke inside

Here's some good news on the Veteran smokers topic for IL!


Veterans now able to smoke inside Illinois Veteran's Hom

We have an update on a story we've followed for a few months now, smoking at the Illinois Veterans Home.

Once the Illinois smoking ban went into effect January first, Veterans were forced to smoke outside in the cold, but that's now changed.

We talked to Jessica Woodward with the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs today for this KHQA Fact Finder report.

She told us veterans will now be able to smoke inside.

She says the first priority is to take care of the veterans and their needs.

After thoroughly reviewing the law and checking with the Health Department, effective

immediately, there are now designated smoking lounges inside the veterans homes.

We asked her how this will affect visitors and employees who don't want to be around smoke.

She told us each smoking lounge in fully enclosed, similar to smoking lounges in airports, so the public doesn't have to go inside them.

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