Friday, January 25, 2008

If you catch a smoker, we'll pay you $10 each time

Swiss Hotel in Chicago will fine you 250 bucks if you smoking in your room. And they will give their maids/other workers $10 bonuses for snitching on a smoker.

I know EXACTLY what I'd do if a worker tried snitching on me for smoking in a hotel room. Because if a worker catches a suspect smoking in a hotel room, that smoker might "defend himself" in order to avoid getting reported.

But I seriously hope those Swiss Hotel workers don't think smokers don't believe in defending themselves. Rememba when I brought up in a past post about an anti oughta be more concerned about an armed bro demanding money from the whimp, instead of that "hole" being worried about smoking in a bar? I can see somethang similar happening to a Swiss Motel worker snitching on a smoker. Especially if that smoker in the hotel room is a fugitive using it as a hiding place for one night.

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