Saturday, January 5, 2008

If smokers are criminals, don't forget about the REAL criminals!

I'm anxiously waiting to read the first article on an IL business that attempted to get busted by cops (for violating the smoking bans) but the owner won't go down without a fight so to speak.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a business closing down due to the state ban. That artice would be very sad to read,

I see some smoking activists agree that there are worse thangs to worry about, like "criminals walking in the streets" than calling cops to go afta a tavern violating a smoking ban. I brought this up myself in a different way. What is more important to an anti? Calling 911 afta seeing people smoke in a tavern? Or calling 911 afta a brotha threatens to kill him if the anti "doesn't give that robber his darn money?"

I'd call 911 to report getting robbed. But you betta make sure you let the brotha run away first before picking up the cell phone.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an actual anti become a robbery victim one day. Like he gets into an argument with a smoker...and the smoker then pulls it out and demands whateva it is
he (or she) wants from the crybaby.

Incidents like that would make the anti think twice on arguing with a smoker. And crime can make antis learn the hard way that you oughta be worried about smoke from a gun killing you when you're at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

This smoke from my cig can't even kill a baby indoors let alone an adult indoors. But that gun
has "smoke" that can kill you in the blink of an eye.

If smoking cigs is like using a loaded gun in itself, then I wonder why smoking one cig can't kill me. All it takes is one darn bullet from a gun to kill a person in a flash. Especially if that barrel is on his/her cheek. Smoking can't be like using a loaded gun!

It's pitiful smokers are now criminals if they smoke in a tavern. But I know the definition of a criminal. I don't need a dictionary.....I've seen REAL criminals in action. And an innocent smoker is NOWHERE CLOSE to even DRESSING UP like criminals!! The last time I was in a place with mostly smokers in it, none of those ladies (and men) were dressed up in gang fashion. Nobody was wearing masks and/or shades eitha. And I would've passed out if I saw one of those innocent smokers using a gun or knife.

Heck, I don't even think those smokers used motorcycles to drive to the smoker-friendly party LOL!!!

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