Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hate prisons, especially smoke-free prisons

I hate prisons. When cops put you in cuffs and then behind bars, you have NO freedoms whatsoever. Sure you have the right to eat, drink, sleep, and use a toilet. And you can probably go outside within prison grounds and play basketball. But you don't have any REAL freedoms in a prison.

And now, Illinois has banned smoking not just in prisons, but even outside of the prisons! I read some states ban smoking in prisons, but criminals can smoke outside within prison grounds.

No smoking in or out of an IL prison is a nice incentive for those criminals to bust outta jail for good. And it's a nice incentive to make criminals even MORE smarter when doing business in the streets. Because once you get caught by a Chicago cop, you can say buh-bye to cigs for good! Unless you get bailed out.

Never mind those criminals getting more violent without smoking. When people can't smoke, they get arrogant, vicious, and may even KILL THEMSELVES (via fights) in those prisons!

And when you have violence in a prison due to a smoking ban, then sheet! Those criminals oughta be out in the streets doing that bad stuff! How the heck is a prison any safer?

But do you think they're gonna do their OWN version of street smart? I know I'd hate living in ANY smoke-free place for the rest of my life, prisons included!

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