Friday, January 11, 2008

How is inhaling smoke from a tobacco tube dangerous?

When you roll up some shredded tobacco leaves, and light up that tube with the tobacco in it, how is it that smoke from that tube is more dangerous than inhaling vehicle fumes, or smoke from a fire?

This is a Q only antismokers can answer. That "tube with tobacco in it" has harmless smoke going up in the air when it's lit.

People believe so many lies about that cig. The only way they'll see the truth on smoking is if they try that cig for themselves. Because some of the worst antismokers are ones who neva smoked in their whole darn lives.

A person who believes all of these lies about my heritage can learn the truth about "us" by simply getting to know me and visiting "our" community. I'm a good person, although I'm not gonna hide my qualities of a Black person when it comes to discussing smoking topics. And I'm definitely gonna be myself when it comes to other topics, and why I think we need a smoking version of Obama as President.

Likewise, an antismoker needs to get to know that cig by trying it out in order to learn the truth about smoking.

As my mother told me when I was 13, "You gotta try smoking before you can say bad thangs about it."

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