Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Federal smoking ban?


(This is actually an article from 2 years ago. But it's still interesting reading to me.)

This article claims 45 percent Americans would support a fed smoking ban. The poll was conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance.

One forum poster said antis ain't interested in a fed smoking ban...they pleased with local bans. If this was true, why did I see a bro representing the ACS try his hardest to push for an IL smoking ban? He didn't seem to be happy with local bans....including the Chicago smoking ban.

I hope this article is joking about half of America wanting a national smoking ban...and I'm dead serious! If you really wanted to ask every American "Should we ban smoking on a fed level?" I bet less than half of Americans would vote NO.

If the ALA believes spending more money can help convince more teens to never smoke, then I hope they distribute some of that money to the teen smokers in the streets. To help support those teens' other expenses in life aside from having enough cigs. Because wasting money on programs to make fewer teens and fewer adults never start smoking is a serious waste of time.

You try telling a teen in my area to never start smoking or quit smoking now.Or you can even say the same words t an adult smoker here. I guarantee that you will get a negative reaction from both groups.

While antis believe in wasting money to help put an end to teen smoking and adult smoking....that cash can be used for something a lot more legit. Like maybe give Medicare/Medicaid more money so people can afford expensive medication.

I'm getting tired of hearing "We want to curb teen smoking as well as adult smoking with a huge smoking ban." A fed ban won't stop me from smoking. And it's not gonna stop a person younger than me from smoking eitha.

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