Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't patronize restaurants with patios if you smoke

Here's what I had to say (in a group post) about smokers saying NO to visiting restaurants with patios.


Meanwhile, my belief is I shouldn't visit a restaurant with a patio. That patio is like a trap for smokers. If you visit a restaurant/patio, you are STILL showing support for the ban by agreeing to eat your meals outside.

My life started out in a time where you could still smoke indoors. There was no such thing as outdoor smoking back then (albeit I was a kid as well). If I'm gonna eat in a restaurant, I'm smoking inside...I don't care how nice it is outside. And no business deserves my money since I ain't welcome as a smoker. And even smoking outside at a patio shows that if I'm smoking out there, then I'm still breaking my own beliefs by supporting the restaurant.

Til the ban gets revoked, if that restaurant/patio wants my money, the owner can beg me as much as he wants. It would be appalling to hear of smokers eating outside at a patio at this time of the year when it's too darn cold to smoke outside period.

A patio is tempting. But I think (and this is only my opinion) smokers should still keep their wallets shut when it comes to restaurants with patios.

That patio to me is like an outdoor version of sitting in the back of the restaurant. If I refuse to sit in the back, what makes a 21st century restaurant owner think I'll sit outside to eat so I can smoke?

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