Thursday, January 3, 2008

A comment I left for the ACS

Rememba that petition I shared for IL smokers in here? Well that petition got published in this news article.

The actual link for the petition where you can sign it can be found by clicking this.

Here's a comment I left in the newspaper article in regards to the ACS.

I got a comment for the American Cancer Society. If we ever ban tobacco sales in the US and not just in Illinois, where would you guys get your funds from? I know why tobacco sales are not banned despite you guys getting your wish of a "Smoke-Free Illinois." You guys would be BROKE if there were no smokers in the US let alone Illinois.
Actually, you wouldn't be broke if you collect taxes off of fast food lovers instead (if we did ban tobacco sales).
This isn't a smoke-free Illinois in my eyes. People can still buy tobacco. They just can't smoke the tobacco in public places.
A smoke-free Illinois to me would mean a state where you will find no smokers at all. But the last time I checked, there are still smokers in the streets.
I guess we will all see how the hospitality businesses fare with a "smoke-free IL" during 2008. I already heard of a bar in Peoria that is ignoring the smoking ban.

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