Thursday, January 3, 2008

Businesses can designate a room as a "private residence" and you can smoke in there

This idea I read about needs to be applied to all hospitality businesses and workplaces in Illinois.

From Edna:

"Since the last line of sec 15 of Illinois. SB0500 (public Act 095-
0017) states "Smoking is prohibited in indoor public places and work places, UNLESS specifically exempted by Section 35 of this act. And since Sec 35 exempts private residences, why can't restaurants and bars having more than one room just sit up a room and say that it is a private resident. Hang a sign on the door-"-private resident, not open to the public". I do not think the law can tell you who you can allow to go into your "private residence".

What I had to say about this idea:

I'd like to see that idea applied to workplaces as well. That "private residence" room would bring back the days of smoking on the job but smoking in a fashion where you don't have to worry about others interrupting you.

I think that idea would work. If antis flip at the idea, just show the cops, owners, employers, etc what Section 35 specifically says.

I hope they realize private residences ain't limited to homes and literal apartments. And a private residence could be something as small as as room with chairs, ashtrays, and a ceiling fan.

If they argue "This isn't a private residence room! Where's the kitchen and bathroom at?" I'd tell them the kitchen and bathroom are both outside of this room, duh. I realize not all workplaces have kitchens that workers can use. But you can still call and order carry-outs.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Actually, I already think that idea is already being done in everything but name, especially since I've heard of IL businesses(mainly bars/taverns) allowing their employees to smoke in indoor private rooms away from customers, since the start of IL's ban. But I still like your idea, though.