Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Antis jump to quick conclusions

This following quote is from this page.


My wife and I went to a "Marquette bar" in Chicago on Saturday to watch our Golden Warrior Eagles beat DePaul, and I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to take a deep breath without gagging on cigarette smoke.

We enjoyed it so much that we gladly ordered food, knowing we wouldn't have to choke it down while getting carcinogens blown in our faces. And it was wonderful to emerge from the bar several hours later without needing to fumigate our clothes.

This was our first foray into a tavern since Illinois enacted its no-smoking-in-public law - and we'll be happy to visit many, many establishments again.

Some bar owners feared the smoking ban would kill business. Well, this place was packed. And I'm guessing that many of the people were like me (and especially my smoke-hating wife): folks who wouldn't have spent so much time and money at a bar had it been a smokehouse.

Congratulations, Illinois lawmakers, for actually getting one right!


This is a comment I left on there.

"I'm not surprised the bar was packed on a Saturday, when you got basketball games going on. And with fewer people working on weekends. It would've been a different story if you were in that bar during late evening hours, or if you were in there on a day when there are hardly any games on TV. Can you tell me if the rest of the bars in Chicago were packed on that day? I highly doubt it."

I doubt that Chicago bar is gonna be packed tonight. Not when you got falling temperatures and inclement blizzard-like conditions.

You need to visit EVERY bar in Chicago. And not just one bar and then childishly conclude that the smoking ban has made the tavern businesses betta.

That's like saying "Oh the taverns will have good business this coming Sunday." I'm sure the taverns WILL have good business since Sunday is the Super Bowl! One of the events of the year where you likely will see a packed tavern/restaurant! But we don't have Super Bowls 24/7, and 365 days per year to KEEP those taverns packed!

I guarantee you on the Sunday afta the Super Bowl, a lot of those Chicago taverns will be so empty, you will hear a pin drop.

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