Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 26, 2008 - Issue #509

"Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you
have carefully considered what they do not say."
- William W. Watt

Interview:On Dec. 18th 2008, the well known author and hostess of "Marketing for Fun and Profit" interviewed the author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" and "TobacckoNacht! - The Story" about his background, thoughts, writings, and efforts to get those thoughts and writings out to a wider public. A comfortable and entertaining 30 minute interview ranging from marketing QumQuats to shooting pregnant smokers in parking lots. Listen.

From The Mailbag
CA: Loma Linda's smoking ban not aggressively enforced.
MI: IPCPR Salutes MI Legislature for Not Enacting Smoking Ban.
VA: Virginia Needs Spending Reform, Not Higher Cigarette Taxes.
USA: Letter to The American Legion from Sheila Martin.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Scotland: Youth Smoking Up Despite Ban. "Significant progress has been made in recent years to shift cultural attitudes to smoking, but this report clearly demonstrates that firm action needs to continue if we are to succeed in our desire to make Scotland smoke-free."
UK: Smoking ban fails to curb the habit: Figures reveal men are smoking MORE. The figures, coming after years of declining smoking rates, are a massive blow to Labour's public heath policy.
UK: York pub 'bans' MP Hugh Bayley in smoking row.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Binge drinking comes to France. Long considered a public problem in Britain, binge drinking is now on the rise among young people in France. "I never thought it would be a real problem," says Pierre of his own drinking. "But now, I always need to drink, and that is a problem."
Don't annoy someone in Brighton city or you might get a ticket.
Privacy! Doctors fight plans to hand medical records to researchers and private companies without patients' consent.
The smoking ban in England and Wales
is NOT legal. Part 1 and Part 2
The same exemption that exists for the
house of commons bar, applies to all
property in England and Wales.
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Happy New Year? Maybe not for IL hopsitality businesses

I could say "Happy New Year" iin the sense of I hope all smokers in this group have a blessed new year. And I'd mean it.

But in the sense of IL still having a statewide smoking ban, the new year will be anythang but a happy new year for owners and smokers in this state. But at least several owners are actually saying "F*** U, IL Smoking ban!" by letting their customers smoke.

Making money as owners and workers in the hospitality business is more important than pleasing antis and the ACS in the New Year. I rememba hearing of the raids in IL taverns during 2008. Those raids are Fked up. Instead of raiding a hideout where someone is selling pounds of weed illegally (an example of a real law-breaker), the cops are wasting their time catching violators of a dumb-A law. I bet some of those raids even got violent.

But Happy New Year anyway if I ignore the one negative in the new year for this state.

IL casinos blame smoking ban for revenue drops


It's nice to see more and more IL casinos blame the smoking ban for their fallen revenues. Antis wanna blame the economy. But ALL businesses should have fallen revenues (including fast food places), if there was any truth to blaming the economy.

I dunno what's wrong with having smokers' casinos or smokers-only taverns. I know there used to be colored-only places before I was ever around. If "we" were allowed to have our own businesses legally, how come smokers can't do the same thang? What's illegal about a smokers-only business? Smokers are actually segregated from society in the same sense "we" live in segregation....the only difference is we got our own community. Smokers don't, and they segregated in the sense of nobody wanting to make friends with smokers, and smokers who are denied the right to make paychecks for their choice to smoke. :(

Sunday, December 28, 2008

NY: Patterson looks to tribal sales to help solve budget deficits

I was told some of the comments on this page to the article include comments from Tribe members themselves. i left a comment on there myself.


Paterson looks to tribal sales to help solve deficit

Amazing what a $15.4 billion budget deficit will do.

Just months ago, Gov. David Paterson was pushing off calls that he try to collect taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers. The better way is to negotiate with the Indian tribes, he said, a course taken, and failed, by three governors before him.

So Monday in Utica, just 24 hours before unveiling his plan to solve the state's budget crisis, Paterson signed a bill that he says will have the state collect the cigarette taxes. Today, he will reveal how much he expects the state to make this year from the tax collection efforts in the way of new cigarette excise taxes.

That he chose Utica to sign the bill Monday was noteworthy, all sides agreed. Native Americans saw it as an in-your-face move. He could have just put out a piece of paper announcing his signature on the bill. Instead, he traveled to central New York - a hotbed of anger over the years between Native Americans and non-Indian residents over a range of sovereignty issues - in front of an audience of local politicians with low standing among many Indians in the region. "Why did he do it that way?" one upset Seneca said Monday.

This from a governor who still talks of wanting to negotiate with the Indians on the tax matter.

Naturally, there is skepticism about the latest effort. Tax collection advocates have heard governors before say they will stop the tax-free sales. And nothing has happened since the state won a landmark United States Supreme Court case in 1994 giving it the legal right to collect the tax.

Moreover, there's the matter of likely additional litigation that will delay the collection efforts.

New York might have a better clue of Paterson's intentions in 60 days. That is when the new law he signed Monday becomes effective.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to read a sample coment on the FSCs?

This well-written comment from the Repeal FSCs online petition is a sample of the comments I've been spending time reading from smokers online. I might gasp if I ever see a POSITIVE comment on FSCs.

(I broke the comment up myself to make it easier to read on here.)


After reading other comments, i realize now that my "recent" headaches are probably due to the "new" cigarettes. I purposely smoke organic cigarettes and pay a pretty price for them too so that i don't smoke chemicals. I am sick of the government ruling our lives and trying to poison us, our water being the number One way of poisoning us with chemicals. Drugs aren't even released into the market place without tremendous scrutiny and years of research so why is this just thrown in our faces. Once again the government does NOT acknowledge the voice of the people.

This country is turning to pure communism, they will tell us what is best for us and we must accept it. I say everyone should wake up and fight for our rights now or we won't have the ability to do so shortly. I am so sick of you (the government) treating us like kids and you are the mother telling us what is best for us. The seat belt law is another example of you telling us what is best for us.

Hey this is suppose to be a free country and our fore fathers fought for that right. Quit telling us what is BEST for us, we can figure it out for ourselves, and if we don't then tough, we endure the consequences. I say that you people have plenty on your plates without targeting smokers.

You have ruined the resturant and bar businesses with your non-smoking policies and now you're really out for the tobacco companies and us. I would like to know why you are after us, because your too stupid to solve the really important issues that lay before you. Because you don't have to worry about be "politcally correct" with us, because smoking isn't fashionable anymore?

So you can say that you "DID" something while you were in office? Because we don't have lobbyists petitioning for us? I am sick of the government antics and I am sick of you ruling our lives. How do you pass this crap without anyone finding out until it is done? Isn't there a law against this? How do you poison people without their knowledge?

You people treat animals better than you treat people. You're all up on you supposedly high pedestals throwing laws out there that serve NO purpose other than to make more trouble. A person can't drive a car without a seat belt, put a hockey rink out on the ice without government worrying about what it wil do to the wetlands, or keeping an existing bar/resturant in business without you clowns ruining commerce and trifling with the PEOPLES' FREEDOM! Wake up and smell the coffee, oh, wait, will you now screw with caffiene too!

By the way, you states that have passed this FSC, lawsuits are coming your way!

A list of reviews on every brand I tried

If you bored, you can read all of my cig brand reviews on every premade cig brand I tried during my lifetime. My reviews are found on this site.

"cooljay78" is me. And all I can say is I smoked every brand I wrote a review on for real. Even if it was just one cig of the brand. There should be a link on that site that allows you to see the most recent posted reviews within the past week.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The good ol' days of smoking oughta come back

Times have changed for smokers.

20 years ago, a pack of Newports used to be only $1.75 per pack in Chicago. A Marlboro carton was about 19 bucks (I rememba seeing) for $19 by 1990. Of course, a pack was actually less than a buck in the earlier 80s within the Windy City.

I even rememba the days of seeing cig vending machines in all kinds of restaurants, including Dunkin Donuts!

In the early 80s, I rememba seeing people smoke all over in fast food restaurants, before the days of smoking/nonsmoking sections. And in the early 80s, it was hard finding an open table at McDonalds....that's how crowded fast food restaurants used to be in my town back then!

Heck, even when there used to be smoking sections just 10 years ago, I STILL saw crowded Mickey Ds in downtown Chicago!

I'm not old enough to recall seeing people smoke in supermarkets. But I heard of smoking in supermarkets, waiting areas and patient rooms of hospitals, and people smoking on buses and trains. That must've happened in the 60s particularly.

I DO rememba seeing people smoke in shopping malls during the 80s. And smoking used to be allowed on planes in that decade. I rememba hearing about free cig packs being given out on planes and at auto races during the 80s as well.

Oh yeah, I certainly rememba smoking being allowed in seats at Cub and White Sox games in those days. I sat behind a red-haired lady at a White Sox-Brewers game at the old Comiskey Park in 1988. She smoked regulars, but I don't rememba her brand. They might have been Winstons since they didn't smell like Marlboro Reds.

It used to be cool seeing people smoke while waiting for the trains at subway stations, although there WERE No Smoking signs on the wall. I think it wasn't til 2003 when the city decided to start enforcing no smoking inside of subway stations.

I certainly can't forget the days of cig ads on outdoor billboards, mags, newspapers, and within sport stadiums/arenas being very common.

When cig commercials got banned from radio and TV in 1971, that's when Big Tobacco started placing more ads in mags especially. I recall seeing Ebony mags in the early 70s...and when I include the back cover, those mags used to have as many as 13-16 pages devoted to cig ads. I was personally surprised smokeless tobacco ads weren't common at all back then.

Ebony mags in the 80s were no different.....11-13 pages worth of cig ads including the back covers. I recall seeing TWO-page Marlboro Country ads too.

Now in modern times....

Smoking ain't allowed anywhere in sport stadiums, at least the ones in my town. But I'm sure this is common in stadiums nationwide. If you leave to go outside to smoke, you can't re-enter, even if you show em your ticket.

You won't find cig vending machines in even Chicago taverns, let alone restaurants. Since my state has a smoking ban, you can't smoke em with your Bud if you bought em from a machine anyway.

Everyone knows about no smoking on planes. And I'm sure most airports nationwide are smoke-free period.

A pack of cigs in Chicago now costs a lot. I ain't paying 8 bucks for a pack of Newports even if someone put a gun to my face and demanded me to buy the FSC Newports.

How many cig ads are in Ebony now? Well, sometimes you might be lucky to run across 1 page for Newports. But even those are rarely seen in modern mags. The only mags in modern times that seem to have tobacco ads period (smokeless tobacco ads included) are adult mags. Like Playboy. And even Playboys no longa have tobacco ads on their back covers.

I actually miss the days of seeing cig ads on the back cover of almost every single mag out there. Including cig ads on Sports Illustrated back covers.

Based on antismoking logic, it's funny people are still smoking despite cig ads period being a thang of the past. And it's also funny teens are still starting to smoke! I thought getting rid of cig ads in mags and their back covers were supposed to help cut down on underage folks learning about cigs. LOL at antis!!!

Goes to show you cig ads were neva the main influence on a person's decision to smoke. I think growing up with smoking parents, smoking siblings, and/or smoking friends are ALL bigga influences than Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man.

I ain't gonna smoke Camels just cause "I wanna be like Joe Camel in this 80s mag ad." I'm gonna smoke the brand I enjoy the most. Joe Camel can smoke as many of those yucky Camels as he wants. That brand would make me quit smoking in an instant if it was the only brand out here.

Happy smokey Holidays

Happy (smokey) Holidays to all smokers and nonsmoking supporters of preserving American freedoms! :)

As for any anti lurkers, I sincerely hope you neva bump into a smoker who believes in smokers' rights. If you can do that, your holidays will be happy too.

Cause while a lotta smokers on those FSC sites may not be aware of smokers rights, I love the way some of em sound though. Those smokers sound like they wanna give their state politicians some payback for changing premade cigs without informing the public about it. (Those smokers DO have the right to be informed and vote if they wanna make premades more poisonous). "Where are my rights as a smoker?" is a common Q I read online.

Reading "FSC my @$$!" has a nice ring to it. :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GSA cracks down on smoking in and around fed buildings

I got news for these antis who call smoking an addiction. Smoking wouldn't be an addiction if BT neva had chemicals in their cigs. They say nic is addictive. But if nic WAS addictive, then premade smokers would be smoking ANY brand. From my experience, 1000s of smokers smoke only one brand and that's it.

My theory says premade smokers are more addicted to the actual sh!t put into those BT cigs. That's BT's way of making sure they (the smokers) are addicted to that one brand. That's why I used to see lots of W's smoking only Marlboro Lights in particular. And that's why the majority of smokers in my own community will smoke only Newports. Two bros (or sistas) won't fight over a free pack of Kools, despite those being menthols. They addicted to the sh!t that's within Newports.

If BT made normal cigs without the additives and chemicals and the extra nic, would antis call smoking an addiction then?

People would be smoking a lot less if every brand was made the way Natives make cigs. Natives don't have the dangerous ingredients in their cigs...which likely means their cigs are "less addictive" than BT cigs.

Smoking must be an addiction when someone is smoking chemical cigs a lot more and spending a lot more. And the antis are addicted to watching people buy BT brands.

Smoking is NOT an addiction. It should be a crime for BT to make people smoke cause they "need to smoke" ratha than enjoy it once every few hours.


http://www.govexec. com/story_ page.cfm? articleid= 41687&dcn=todaysnews

A bulletin issued on Monday by the General Services Administration bans smoking in the courtyards of federal buildings and within 25 feet of doorways and intake ducts on the outside of federal buildings. The new regulation also does away with interior smoking rooms, which have been an exception to long-standing bans on smoking inside federal buildings.

The new smoking policies, which apply to all buildings under the jurisdiction, custody or control of GSA, will be phased in over a six-month period to give agencies time to comply with their collective bargaining obligations in situations where the changes affect conditions of employment and there is exclusive representation for the affected employees.

Monday's bulletin cancels and replaces a 1997 regulation, Protecting Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace (62 FR 54461). The 1997 rule, which implemented an executive order from President Clinton, prohibited the smoking of tobacco products in all interior space owned, rented or leased by the executive branch, except in specially equipped designated smoking areas, outdoor areas in front of air intake ducts, and certain other residential and nonfederal occupied space.

In issuing the new regulations, GSA noted that during the past decade, as research has shown the effects of secondhand smoke, 26 states have banned smoking entirely in state government buildings and 19 have banned smoking in all private work places.

The American Lung Association began circulating a petition on Dec. 15 calling on President-elect Barack Obama to close smoking "loopholes," including designated smoking rooms, and protect all federal workers from secondhand smoke. The petition cited a 2006 surgeon general's report that "separating smokers from nonsmokers, cleaning the air, and ventilating buildings cannot eliminate exposures of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke."

Since smoking feds soon will be forced even further out into the cold, GSA urged the heads of executive agencies to implement programs to help employees quit. Program materials are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As with any rule, there are exceptions to the new smoking bans. The new regulations do not apply to residential accommodations for people voluntarily or involuntarily residing, on a temporary or long-term basis, in federal buildings, nor do they apply to portions of federally owned buildings being leased to nonfederal parties. Agency heads also have the authority to grant limited and narrow exceptions when necessary to accomplish missions. GSA urged officials to tailor any exceptions to provide protection for nonsmokers from tobacco

Tribe Sues in Brooklyn Court over Blockade

CADMAN PLAZA EAST (AP) — An American Indian tribe is suing Suffolk County in Brooklyn federal court, saying a police blockade of entrances to its reservation was a case of harassment and racial discrimination.

The Unkechaug Nation filed suit Friday in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, located in Downtown Brooklyn.

The daylong incident on Dec. 6 stemmed from the tribe's practice of selling tobacco products without charging state tax. The suit alleges the action violated the constitutional rights of the Unkechaug.

Tribe lawyer James Simermeyer says the police blockade was "deliberately set up to harass tribe members" by stopping people entering and leaving the Poospatuck Reservation near Mastic.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Repeal Fire Safe Cig Laws: A petition

Here's one petition I recently signed. I am sorry to hear lots of smokers decided to quit instead of smoking the poisonous FSCs.


If more premade smokers were open to giving Native brands or make their own cigs a try, they wouldn't have to worry about quitting smoking. Besiders, Natives and MYOs are a lot cheapa than a carton of poisonous cigs with no tobacco in em at all.

I actually laughed when I read one petition comment claiming there's WOOD inside of a FSC when you break the cig down. Natives put ONLY tobacco in their cigs. Not pieces of wood. (LOL at that wood in commercial cigs).

When I smoke Natives, the cherries on my cigs neva fall off, and I neva have to re-light a Native cig. Seneca is one brand of Natives that burn slow. They don't burn as slow as cigars though.

If smokers wanna choose to smoke regular cigs, then they need to visit the Blackhawk Shop if they wanna learn about the Native brands this shop offers.

Native brands ARE normal cigs and Natives taste a heck of a lot better than smoking a commercial brand. Natives are poison-free and all-natural!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Smokers Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 19, 2008 - Issue #508

"Actually, I think all addiction starts with soda. Every junkie did soda first. But no one counts that. Maybe they should. The soda connection is clear. Why isn't a presidential commission looking into this? Or at least some guys from the National Carbonation Council."
- Chris Rock
Non-Diet Soda Tax: NY Gov. David Paterson's budget plan for taxing non-diet sodas under an "obesity tax" that will raise $404 million.

The big, fat myth of government prevention programs. By Sally C. Pipes. Government prevention programs don't reduce healthcare costs. And worse, they are an infringement upon our most basic freedoms. We should resist government control over our health choices, even as we resolve to lose that 10 or 15 pounds of holiday-induced cheer chub.

Health risks stack up for students near industrial plants. The U.S. EPA, which has a special office charged with protecting children's health, has invested millions of taxpayer dollars in pollution models that could help identify schools where toxic chemicals saturate the air. Even so, USA TODAY found, the agency has all but ignored examining whether the air is unsafe at the very locations where kids are required to gather.

Supreme Court Allows Fraud Lawsuits in 'Light' Cigarette Advertising Case. By a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled against Altria Group Inc's Philip Morris USA unit and held the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act does not bar or preempt such state court lawsuits.
From The Mailbag
KS: Hutchinson Vote Supports Business, Disappoints Busy-Bodies.
KY: Ashland. City and hospital agree to new approach to smoking.
KY: Corbin Smoking surveys go out to restaurants.
KY: Farms production rebounding aided by exports to Germany.
MA: Boston bans sales in drug stores but delays cigar bar closings.
NY: Gov. Paterson signs cigarette tax law for Indian land sales.
SC: Easley joins Greenville in restricting smoking.
USA: CRS reckons effects of cig tax hike for SCHIP.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Bulgaria: Smoking kicks off civil protest, Ministry and police too.
Ireland: Smoking On Film, No need to get puffed up about past.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Coal: False and misleading data. By Mark Wernimont.
Scents: Judge says perfume lawsuit can proceed. A Detroit city planner says co-worker's scent interferes with job performance, breathing.

The TICAP Conference

1st World Conference Against Prohibition:
"Smoking Bans and Lies"
Brussels, at the European Parliament Building
27/28 January, 2009
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Scotland: Youth smoking has gone up despite smoking ban

Scotland will neva be smoke-free. Antis over there can mark my words.

Maybe chicks in Scotland start smoking at younga ages cause a lotta of em in the 16-19 age range are new moms. And since being a single mom is a job in itself, I can see those new moms starting smoking as a way to relieve em of stress. I hope they actually enjoy cigs themselves, and not just use smoking as a stress reliever from parenthood (and actual offline work for that matta)

http://tinyurl. com/4kqcje

Youth smoking up despite ban
8 hours 5 mins ago

The number of young people smoking in Scotland has risen sharply,
despite the ban in pubs. Nearly a third of 16 to 24 year-olds are
smokers, an official health report showed. The percentage - 31 per
cent - is a substantial rise on the number of young smokers in 2004,
which stood at 25 per cent.

The smoking ban was imposed in March 2006. Public health minister Shona Robison said: "We are committed to doing all we can to reducing smoking rates in Scotland - both by encouraging more smokers to quit and discouraging young people from starting in the first place. "Significant progress has been made in recent years to shift cultural attitudes to smoking, but this report
clearly demonstrates that firm action needs to continue if we are to succeed in our desire to make Scotland smoke-free."

The findings will disappoint anti-smoking campaigners. Even though some of the
demographic are too young to go to pubs, several experts predicted
the ban would have a freezing effect on society, where smoking lost
some of its charm to the young. But David Gordon of NHS Health
Scotland said smoking figures did not always yield reliable

"Smoking rates have fluctuated without showing any sustained
trend between 1999 and 2007," he said. The figures show women are
more likely to smoke than men between ages 16 to 19 while men become
more likely to smoke between 20 and 24. Half of young adult smokers
in 2006 were in employment, while 30 per cent were not in education,
employment or training.

Michigan ban on smoking fizzles out

Michigan is already in the 21st century. I guess that state ain't ready for the 21st century in the sense of snokers (and now obese people) being the "21st century Afro-Americans?" Gimme a Fkin break! Michigan doesn't need to stoop to the level of treating smokers as "21st century Afro-Americans."

Michigan doesn't care about the workers and customers' health? Who said people are forced to work at or visit a smokey tavern anyway?

It's good news for Michigan. I dunno why it's bad news for antis. All they care about is smoke-free power. And some people in America are slowly starting to see the lies behind the antis' reasoning.

Oh yeah, if they so concerned about protecting the workers' health from SHS, would antis care about protecting the workers' safety frpm trouble? I'd think protecting workers from someone walking into a tavern with a gun and is looking to start a fight with someone is a lot more serious than SHS.

http://www.freep. com/article/ 20081219/ NEWS06/81219009/ 1001/NEWS


LANSING -- There'll be no statewide ban on smoking in public places -- for now.

State lawmakers failed to reach agreement on a ban early this morning, leaving anti-smoking advocates bitterly disappointed and a new Legislature to grapple in 2009 with an issue that has wide public support.

The defeat left smoking ban proponents talking of a 2010 ballot proposal to accomplish it if lawmakers can't.

In a final, marathon lame duck session that began Thursday morning, the House and Senate could not overcome disagreements over whether to allow smoking in casinos and smoke shops.

It was a major fizzle among the passage of dozens of low-profile bills, as the Legislature wrapped up its 2007-08 session.

"It is a serious disappointment, it's another signal that Michigan doesn't quite get it, is not quite ready to step into the 21st Century," said Rep. Andy Meisner, D-Ferndale, a leading proponent for a smoking ban who acknowledged the issue was dead for this year.

"It sends an unfortunate message to the citizens of Michigan that we don't care about their health, and that there are interests in Lansing that have greater influence than they do."

Meisner said compromise proposals could have passed the House and Senate, but that Democratic and Republican leaders could not agree to allow those votes.

Some House Democrats, including Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township, wanted an exemption for Detroit's casinos, which complained that the ban would chase smoking gamblers elsewhere, mainly to Indian-run casinos where the state cannot ban smoking.

But majority Senate Republicans insisted that any smoking ban must include all establishments, no exceptions.

Advocates said a ban would protect employees in restaurants and elsewhere from the health dangers of second-hand smoke.

The proposed smoking ban's demise was good news to the Michigan Restaurant Association and others who lobbied against the bill as unnecessary government intrusion on private businesses. They argued that many restaurants have gone smoke-free on their own, as customers demand it.

Restaurant association president Rob Gifford said a ban with exemptions for casinos and other establishments such as horse race tracks would be especially unfair.

"If the Legislature is going to do it, do it in a way that treats all businesses equally," Gifford said.

Advocates say 33 other states ban smoking in public places to some degree. They cited numerous studies to argue that a ban would not affect business at bars and restaurants overall.

Meisner said a petition drive for a ballot issue to ban smoking is a possibility, although it would require significant fund-raising.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A perfect Christmas gift for smokers and antis

A perfect Christmas gift for a smoker would be a carton of Seneca Reds and/or Blackhawk Reds.

A perfect gift for antis would be givin em a taste of their own medicine by me issuing them fines for disrupting the hospitality industry with their smoking bans. $100k for each major antismoking org sounds fair. That "fine moolah" would go to owners and workers who are in desperate need for moolah before they're the next ones to lose their business to a smoking ban.

At least that's a non-violent version of a Christmas gift for antis. :)

4 years ago, I was just a smoker online checking out different prosmoking sites. 4 years lata, I'm giving my support for smoking activists in the fight and I'm online friends with 3 different smoking ladies....and I help em out in different ways.

I've helped out Garnet have offline smokers meetings. That actually was a good idea for 1.5 years. I dunno if she plans on trying that out again when she returns to the fight in 2009. But I also gave her my support at one hearing related with smoking....the hearing on the state smoking ban proposal back in 2006.

I also help out one lady online with her smoking fetish business online. Her name is Rachel, and she believes smoking is a right herself. I believe I saw a comment from her on months ago when her home state of WI said "NO" to their own statewide smoking ban in 2008,

And I'm online friends with Melissa, a lady who has been running the Blackhawk Smoke Shop for a couple of years online. She believes me posting news in relation to tobacco issues and smokers rights is important for her shop's forum. Since she's trying to make her forum as prosmoking as possible. You might see I'm a new regular poster on the Blackhawk forum as well.

I've come a long way as a smoker in the past few years. It's a wonder how smoking bans would fare if smokers AND owners all had an attitude towards abuse of freedoms, and disapproval of discrimination towards a certain group of people...which are smokers of course.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Seneca Nation vows to fight law

(From an online article)

Its an issue that ignited heated protests in the past, taxing cigarettes sold by Native Americans.

The Seneca Nation vows to fight the law signed Monday by Governor David Paterson.

Larry Johnston drove from Grand Island to pick up ten cartons of cigarettes on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in Niagara County.

Johnston said, "I'm here today to stock up, you know, more than I can really afford today just in case to see what happens with this issue."

What happened is Governor David Paterson signed into law a bill that intends to enforce collection of excise taxes on cigarettes sold at Indian-owned stores.

The new law will prohibit manufacturers from selling tobacco products without a state tax stamp to any wholesaler that doesn't certify the cigarettes won't be resold tax-free by New York's tribes.

It's not going over well at Native American stores like Jay's Place in Niagara County.

Jay's Place cashier Lisa said, "This issue for us is about New York State breaking federal treaties, and it's not within their jurisdiction to do that."

Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder said Monday, "This action is a threat to the Seneca Nation and we have no choice but to explore all of our options. The issue here is not cigarettes, Snyder adds, but the protection of the nation's treaty rights.

We'll do whatever it takes at the right time to protect those rights."

Tony Irizak said, "I think it's good for us, for the stores."

At the Quick Check convenience store in Kenmore, Manager Tony Irizak sees it as good news.

Irizak said, "This way it'll be fair between us and the Indians. We get the same, everybody will pay taxes."

The last time the state tried to collect the tobacco taxes, Seneca protestors used burning tires to shut down a section of the State Thruway, which runs through tribal territory.

The next step will be for the State Tax Department to establish a certification process for wholesalers within 60 ! days.
Supporters of the new law believe the tax would bring the state more than 62 million dollars a year

Friday, December 12, 2008

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 12, 2008 - Issue #507

"The public is a ferocious beast:
one must either chain it up or flee from it."
- Voltaire
Hamish Howitt. The last UK Pub landlord to fight the smoking ban. Despite numerous fines, threats to revoke his license, close him down and bankrupt him, he soldiers on to make a gallant stand against government oppression.

FTC Cambridge Filter Method. The Federal Trade Commission tosses guidance on tar, nicotine in cigarettes. The commission has rescinded guidance it issued 42 years ago, saying the test method is flawed.

Quit-smoking pill. 339 reports of adverse reactions — 255 of which "describe psychiatric symptoms including depression, aggression, agitation, abnormal dreams, insomnia, hallucination and anger". It has been linked to depression and suicides in the US and Britain. In February the US Food and Drug Administration issued an alert along similar lines to yesterday’s alert from the TGA.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Canada: MB, Smoking with kids in the car will soon be illegal.
Australia: Smoke ban costs clubs, casinos, $1.7m a day.
Australia: Smoking ban costly, figures show.
France: One year after ban, French smoke just as much.
Ireland: Smoking a nice little earner. By John Mallon.
UK: More on Criticism of adoption ban. By Michael J. McFadden.
UK: Researchers call for smoke-free outdoor areas.
From The USA Mailbag
CO: Petition: Undo Colorado's unfair smoking Ban.
IL: Why we can't exempt casinos from the smoking ban.
KS: Group wants city to make smoking ban talk a priority.
MA: Boston considers a ban on cigar bar smoking, and limit sales.
NV: Casino reality of smoking ban damage sets in.
NY: Judge rules Cayuga Nation can't sell cigarettes tax-free.
OH: Smoking law should be amended. By Pam Parker.
OH: Judge Brogan, Warrantless search ruled unconstitutional.
PA: State may loosen up outdoor smoking ban at 14 Universities.
TX: James Graham: Dallas doesn't need worse smoking policy.
USA: Learning from history... Alcohol Prohibition. Repeal Day.
USA: Obama says he won't be smoking in White House.

The Metropolitan Society
A Private Cigar Club
Fairfield, NJ
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What so say if someone confronts you about your smoking

I wouldn't know what to say to any new members within the groups this year. If someone tells you to put it out, maybe you can say "This is a cig in my hand. Not a gun. Maybe if you weren't around me, I wouldn't have to put it out."

If a nonsmoker waves his/her hands while walking past you, maybe you can tell em "Do you wave your hands like that when walking past vehicles in the streets? This smoke aint nothang compared to dangerous vehicle fumes.

And if someone tells you "There's no smoking in here," you could probably say "Oh, I didn't know. I'm so used to walking in places and lighting up cause that used to be common in public places for most of my life."

I wonder if I could still get a ticket if I have an UNLIT cig in my mouth as I walk into a place or even down subway stairs. It wouldn't matta. Cause if I'm gonna have an unlit cig in my mouth, I'm lighting that motha up afta so-and-so mins.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cigarette smoking is legal

"We" know tobacco is dangerous? If you mean we as Americans, then I disagree tobacco is dangerous, That's nothang but pure BS. It's actually the chemicals put in cigs made by BT that are dangerous. When Natives make cigs, they put nothang in their cigs but pure tobacco, and that's it.

I agree yes, Obama is an adult. And it should be his choice to quit smoking. ALL smokers shouldn't be pressured to quit, not just the Prez-elect.

Everybody didn't know he smoked til the media brought it up. That makes sense to me. I just wish he had no intent on trying to quit. Obama is a brainwashed smoker himself....he's more like an anti sneaking smokes. Which is Fked up to me. If you gonna choose to smoke, then you gotta be on the smokers' side.


http://www.tmnews. com/stories/ 2008/12/09/ opinion.nw- 837981.tms

In a country where cigarettes are responsible for one in five deaths and smoking costs tens of billions of dollars in health care, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has been under pressure to set an example by giving up his reported two-decade-old habit.

We admit that smoking is not healthy. Kicking the habit is the best alternative, and tobacco use is dangerous.

However, it's not up to the American people to decide whether or not the next president should or should not smoke.

The decision to quit is one a smoker must make on his/her own.

News interviewers Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw have both attempted to badger Obama about his habit.

The politician has dodged the questions, preferring to point out that he tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and has tried to quit several times. (Note: An election year for the nation's highest office is probably not the best time to quit smoking if you want to achieve successful results.) But what Brokaw was trying to point out is that the White House is smoke-free.

Fair enough, Obama said. He won't break those rules.

Of course, we hope Obama makes the healthy choice by tossing out tobacco. Regardless, he's partaking in nothing illegal and it's nothing he's ever seen in public doing. Matter of fact, few people knew the next president smoked until it was brought to light by the national media.

As an adult, the choice to smoke is his.

And it will be his choice to quit.

Smokers won't quit unless they want to.

This decision is no easier for the president-elect than it is the average 20-year smoker on the street. Quitting is a long process, and it's something the tobacco user must make up his/her mind to do. The fact is that neither Barbara Walters nor Tom Brokaw will convince the future president to quit.

It's a personal decision he must make on his own with the support of his family and close friends.

Monday, December 8, 2008

IL: Smoking ban hurts small businesses

Here's a recent IL-based article, with the comments area included. Me left two comments on there just now before posting this link.


I believe Jim left a comment on there of his own. Antis think smokers' SHS kills more than guns?

Well, I wish I could experiment that opinion. A gun can kill a nonsmoker in a matta of seconds if I pull one good shot at the person's body. But even if I smoke in front of a nonsmoker for hours and blow smoke in his/her face, he/she will NOT die on the spot. My smoke won't even cause the nonsmoker to start bleeding heavily in the face or chest. You can survive from inhaling SHS. But good luck if you think most people in a group can survive from getting hit by gunshots.

Smoking kills more than guns....that is the funniest lie from antis. Even I know that's a lie cause I know what a gun can do if you point it at nonsmokers. Guns kill a lot fasta than SHS. A person can die from a shot before I'm even finished smoking just one cig. (LOL to myself)

Ohio violators of smoking ban seldom punished


"If the law isn't being enforced, I'm really saddened," said Ana Titus, a spokeswoman for Ohio division of the American Cancer Society. "That's not what Ohio's 2.2 million voters voted for in 2006."

It ain't sad to me. I'm darn proud it's not being enforced. Just last night when I was downtown in my town with our OWN state smoking ban, it was easy as he!! for me to smoke 3 cigs inside of a subway entrance without being seen by people. Wheneva I saw anyone walking up or down the stairs, I just hid the cig behind my back til they left. I had a good reason to smoke in that area. I ain't smoking in the cold with the darn wind blowing.

I'm sure some folks saw me, but they said nothang to me since I wasn't the only bro smoking in that area. Cause they know when they see me around otha bros smoking and trying to stay warm from the cold, they don't wanna get hurt.

If people are smoking like crazy in Ohio bars, good for them. That's their right and the owners' right to do whateva it takes to stay in business. If you don't like it, move outta Ohio. Sinple as that B'ch.

Obama won't be smoking in the White House?

Link to brief article page

I don't believe any part of that sh!t. If he wants to sneak a cig in there, he has that right.

This no smoking rule imposed by Hillary Clinton from the 90s within the White House shouldn't apply to the Obamas. Cause the last time I checked, Bill Clinton ain't being inaugurated as the next President.

I bet that Obama guy WILL be smoking in the White House. Any rule imposed by Hillary from her days as the 1st Lady shouldn't apply to current or future Presidents.

If I was President, I wouldn't even botha asking Hillary if she wants to be one of my secretaries. She's an antismoker, and antis ain't welcome to be part of my administration. I'd ratha have ladies who smoke as my secretaries.

And if I was President, I'd say "F her no smoking rule. She ain't MY wife. I'M the President. Not her! So I'm gonna do whateva I want while I'm living in this White House as long as I'm President. What's she gonna do if she learns I smoke in the White House? Pay someone to do a hit job on me so I can become the next assassinated President?"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

People are misinformed on Natives brands

I notice some online are misinformed on Native brands. Smokers think Native brands are FSC brands but they ain't. Based on the price of a Native pack, you'll be lucky to find a natural pack of cigs anywhere. The states refuse to sell packs at less than 2 bucks each. And antismokers don't like the idea of selling natural cigs period.

Since natural cigs are chemical-free and FSC-free, antis fear more people would start smoking if natural cigs were more common. Afta all, I heard before on the news that a cig with nothang but tobacco and nicotine in it is not a danger to your health. The reporter said it's the otha ingredients in commercial brands that contribute to the health risks of smoking.

Nicotine can't be dangerous to your health whetha you smoke it or EAT it. That's right...EAT nicotine! If you love eating potatoes for instance, then you're actually eating nicotine.

If nicotine WAS dangerous, then millions of people would be dying or spending time while sick in hospitals from just eating too many french fries...anotha pptato-made product.

You don't hear people saying "Eating potatoes is dangerous to your health." So that means even eating nicotine is harmless to your body. Therefore, smoking a natural cig with nothang but natural nicotine and pure tobacco in em (Native brands don't have added nic amounts in their cigs, unlke commercial ones) is betta for your health.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 5, 2008 - Issue #506

"Torture numbers, and they'll confess to anything."
- Gregg Easterbrook
Watch: Newsflash, Heart attacks increase in Scotland.
When it looked as though heart attack rates were dropping in Scotland, the government were quick to claim that this was caused by the smoking ban, but now that we discover that heart attacks are actually increasing, the government and the biased media prefer to sweep this inconvenient truth under the carpet. By Phil Williams, United Kingdom Regional Director, Citizens Freedom Alliance, Inc., The Smoker's Club.
Scotland: Large rise in Acute Coronary Syndrome since the smoking ban. The Scottish smoker ban is responsible for many, many deaths. The ban can be said to have CAUSED hundreds of heart attacks.
From The Mailbag
CO: Tobacco prohibitionists complaining, spending tobacco $.
KS: Hutchinson and Reno County Update by Sheila Martin.
OH: Allegations of Voter Fraud in Ohio. Ballot backwards.
USA: MSA: New companies challenge deal, tobacco wars.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Defiance And Ban Damage Hurts Everyone
Defiance: Inside NYC's Smoking Speakeasies. Fashionable New Yorkers are breaking the law and lighting up.
Protest! Dutch cafe owners on Saturday took to the streets of The Hague in protest at a smoking ban they say has seen business drop by up to a third. Protesters brandished banners denouncing the "dictatorship" of Dutch Health Minister Ab Klink.
France: Across France, Cafe Owners Are Suffering.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Beer! Four beers a day 'could make you blind.' Explaining the trigger, Dr Chong said it was possible alcohol could increase oxidative stress to the retina. "Alcohol is a neurotoxin so it is thought that high levels can actually cause retinal damage that might lead to the disease," she said.
Flax Seed: A Natural Alternative to Statins? The guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics called for cholesterol screening of children as young as 2—and cholesterol drugs for kids as young as 8.
Privacy: You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy?

Proof Ireland is in recession:
pubs freeze drink prices.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Allegations of Voter Fraud in Ohio Smoking Ban

Opponents of Ohio Bans has issued a new press release.

http://tinyurl. com/6f7do6

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire- USNewswire/ -- Ohio voters went to
their polling places to cast their votes in November, 2006 confident
that their vote would count and confident that what they read when
they voted would be enacted into law. Several ballot initiatives
appeared on that day. Issue 2 was the Minimum Wage ballot initiative,
described in 1039 words on the ballot. Issue 5, the Ohio smoking ban
ballot initiative, was described in 202 words. To refresh the
readers' memories, we've included that actual ballot as it appeared
at the polls.

Voters approved Issue 5 based on the ballot language. SmokeFree Ohio
wants us to believe the people who voted "YES" to exemptions really
meant "NO". Voters instead got this law:

-- NO exemptions for family owned and operated businesses
-- NO exemptions for private clubs
-- Exemptions for outdoor patios with restrictions
-- Smoking a cigarette in a prohibited area is not a violation of
the law

According to a public records request dated August 4, 2008, not one
individual has been fined in the State of Ohio for smoking. In fact
according to Lance Himes, Assistant Council for the Ohio Department
of Health, "merely smoking in one of these areas does not constitute
a violation."

If the Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring all elections
are free, fair, open and honest, who is responsible for ensuring that
the law voters approved is the law the voters ended up getting? The
Legislature is. Issue 5 was nothing more than a "bait and switch"
tactic. The Ohio Attorney General pursues criminal charges
against "bait and switch" companies doing business in Ohio. "Why are
ballot initiatives not guarded even more closely? If a vote is not
sacred, then what is? How is this not voter fraud?" asks Debi
Kistner, Opponents of Ohio Bans. "Nothing about Issue 5 was honest or

Voters were told there would be exemptions for family owned
businesses, private clubs and outdoor patios. We know now that it was
an illusion, a shell game. The Director for the Ohio Department of
Health, Dr. Alvin Jackson, claimed space was an issue and that
apparently is why "with no employees" and "not open to the public"
qualifying statements were left off the ballot initiative. Eight
words would have brought the wording to 210 words, quite short of
Issue 2's 1039 words. If space was an issue, why print these
exemptions at all? If the exemptions weren't to exist, that could
have saved an additional 12 words and a lot of confusion. Why were
the exemptions listed? To get YES votes.

SmokeFree Ohio told voters there was "no economic harm to businesses
from smoke-free policies". Opponents of Ohio Bans proved from public
records requests that the first year of the ban liquor permit holders
lost a potential of 67.44 million dollars in sales, which does not
include lost beer sales, vending (pool tables, juke boxes), etc. That
loss alone equates to over 4 million dollars in lost sales and use
taxes for the State of Ohio. Ohio's Gongwer Legislative News Service
dated August 15, 2008 reported the highest unemployment figures since
1992 with Hospitality and Leisure in the #1 spot beating Trade,
Utilities and Transportation combined. Tobacco control advocates
think if they keep repeating "there is no economic harm from smoking
bans" that it will make it so. It does not! The bottom line is people
are now choosing to drink (and smoke) at home, as the same public
records request showed with the increase of over 1.3 million more
bottles of liquor sold for home consumption in 2007 over what was
sold in 2006.

Voters were told the Department of Health would enforce the ban.
Reread the ballot language. Not only have they laid the enforcement
responsibilities on business owners, which was not on the ballot,
they've have now declared that smoking is not a violation of the law.
However, a business owner not telling a smoker to put the cigarette
out is a violation. This makes no sense. If a smoker is doing nothing
wrong legally, then why is a business owner required to say
anything? "It's like legally requiring a bank manager to inform
robbers while a robbery is in progress that robbing the bank is
against the law and then coming after the manager if he doesn't while
absolving the robbers of any crime," said Pam Parker, Opponents of
Ohio Bans.

Senate Bill 346 has been introduced to correct the bait and switch
tactics by SmokeFree Ohio. But time is running out. At the rate
hospitality businesses are closing, there won't be many left to save.
Most are barely hanging on. One bar owner called to say her 80 year
old father-in-law is about to lose his home that he borrowed against
to keep their 23 year bar business open. With DHL closing and Ohio
running out of unemployment funding, can Ohio also afford to bailout
those who lose their jobs from family owned businesses because of
apparent voter fraud? Where is the bailout for the business owners
who have invested years of hard work and are now depleting their
savings? "SB346 shouldn't be about politics," said Parker. "It's
about fixing a bad law based on apparent fraudulent language. It's
about saving Ohio jobs, family owned businesses and private clubs."

The only similarity between what voters read when they voted and the
law we currently have are the words "to enact Chapter 3794 of the
Ohio Revised Code".

Related Web site: http://www.opponentsofohio

SOURCE Opponents of Ohio Bans

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IL smoking ban still debated

Here's an IL-based smoking article.

EDIT: I posted a copy of the article below this message, just in case that article has disappeared from the linked URL


I tried to submit a comment to it. Particularly in reply to that anti comment on there. But I'll understand if the comment doesn't get published, since smokers' comments get moderated.

I agree with the student in the article who says the smoking ban is impacting the local economy. This wouldn't be the case if smokers were viewed as actual Americans.

That student who made the wheezing claim from that wind blowing smoke in the student's face, I hope that person didn't have to go to the ER as a result. LMBAO!!!! Sh!t, based on the way that wheezing comment sounded like, the student made it sound like the wind blew deadly vehicle fumes in the face instead. HA HA HA


One year later smoking ban still debated

By: Jessie White

Posted: 12/1/08

As of Jan. 1, 2008 the Smoke-Free Illinois Act prohibited smoking in virtually all public places. A year after the Illinois government passed the statewide smoking ban, emotions still run high on both sides of the argument.

Non-smoker Cassy Sanders, early childhood development and education major, spends a lot of time with the kids in the daycare lab. She said, "The kids used to complain about the smell all the time because people actually used to smoke right near the fence. Now the kids play out there all the time and we don't have to worry about it bothering them."

Unfortunately, this is not the case around other parts of campus. "I was walking out of my class in Webb Hall the other day, I noticed there were people down in the smoking pit lightin' up. I didn't think anything about it until the wind started blowing the smoke my direction. I was wheezing all the way out to my car," explained Josh Mckibben, student here at Lake Land, he went on to say, "I think Lake Land should ban smoking altogether because people like me, who have asthma that runs in the family, are really bothered by it."

However, students on the other side of the argument, such as Tim Roberts, a business administration major and long time smoker, think the smoking ban is a bad idea.

Roberts stated, "I don't mind the whole not smoking in restaurants, but I think the ban is really impacting local economy. There are many bars people don't go to anymore, they just stay home and drink because they can smoke there."

Victoria Kunstman, radio broadcasting major, does not smoke, however she is against the smoking ban, she states, "I can see the concern about restaurants, sometimes you walk in and see the smoking section is like two feet from the nonsmoking section, but seriously the smells of stale beer and cigarettes are a huge part of the bar atmosphere."

So far there has been no mention of retracting the current state smoking ban. Roberts states, "One by one individual freedoms are being eroded, least popular first. Authorities cite our well being as reasons for this. As they work their way up the food chain they are taking away larger and larger chunks of our American freedom."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nicorette, not cigs, can be dangeros to your health in the long-term

Did you know if someone chews Nicroette gum for a long time, that person will lose lots of hair, and get hi blood pressure?

No playing. I read about this through a blog citation in the Ohio group, and I believe that blog post I read. There are long-term health effects associated with these quit smoking aids that you'll neva hear about on the TV.

CLICK THIS if you wanna read the blog citation.

Antis argue BT were liars through their cig ads with people having smiley faces and antis didn't like BT making cigs sound just about as safe as eating candy. What BT used to do in their ads is promote smoking. And when you promote ANY product, you gotta make it look glamorous...not that smoking aint glamorous to begin with. Being a smoker and enjoying a cig actually makes me smile for real.

Nicroette does the same thang as BT does in the antis' claims. Nicorette commercials look glamorous with happy ladies, the product appears to be safe as chewing normal gum. There are even different gum flavas (just like cigs being in different flavas).

But Nicorette won't say sh!t about losing all of your hair and have hi blood pressure if you keep chewing the gum foreva.

Antis can argue "Based on your logic, BT doesn't say 'sh!t' about smokers getting LC and empsyshema in the long term. And that's OK to you?" BT doesn't have to say anythang about that. There's NO EVIDENCE that smoking cigs can DIRECTLY cause me or any otha smoker to get LC or empsyshema. There's clear evidence on Nicorette being dangerous for a person's health though.

At least I can say for sure smoking cigs for a long time hasn't made ME lose my hair or raise my blood pressure.

Woman fined for resisting arrest for smoking near gas pumps

While it's true this female smoker shouldn't have been smoking near gas pumps, I think arresting someone for smoking is no different from a darn cop trying to arrest me for no reason outside of race.

If she refused to put it out, I would've snatched it and put it out for her if I was a cop. That chick was a lil immature in smoking near gas pumps. But arresting someone for smoking is bogus, even in extreme situations.

What I mean is if I was in that cop's shoes, trying to arrest someone for refusing to put a cig out near the gas pumps is the last thang on my mind. I'd grab that motha (the cig) and put it out before there's an explosion. Life is more important than arresting ANYONE based on that situation.

And I still wouldn't botha putting her in cuffs afta the cig is out. (Unless of course, I had a valid reason to arrest her, like getting into a fight)

I'd give her a warning about neva smoking near the gas pumps again. Of course, I can't see a nonsmoking cop being as nice as that.

PORTSMOUTH -- A city woman who was tased, then arrested while police were investigating a 6-person parking lot fight, was given a suspended jail sentence and fined on Monday.

Patricia Reno, 23, appeared in Portsmouth District Court Dec. 1 when she pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. As part of a plea agreement with the prosecution, in exchange for that plea, an accompanying charge of obstructing government administration was dismissed.

Reno was arrested Oct. 27 at the Lafayette Road Gibbs station where, police said, officers were breaking up a fight while Reno refused to stop smoking in close proximity to the gas pumps. According to police reports, she continuously refused to stop smoking, while swearing and swinging at responding officers. Officers later learned the fight began when Reno's boyfriend became angry that another man was speaking with her, according to police.

Reno appeared in the district court without an attorney and according to prosecutor Corey MacDonald, her criminal record is limited to a 2004 shoplifting conviction. Following her arrest, Reno told police she "lost her head" and "apologized, " said MacDonald.
After finding Reno guilty of resisting arrest, Judge Sawako Gardner sentenced her to six months in the Rockingham County House of Corrections, with all of it suspended pending her good behavior for one year. She was also fined $1,000, with $500 suspended pending the same year of good behavior.

http://www.seacoast articles/ 20081201- NEWS-81201026

Friday, November 28, 2008

11/28 edition of the United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

This is the first time ever I tried posting a copy of the smokers rights newsletta from the Smokers Club Inc. as a blog post.

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

November 28, 2008 - Issue #505

"In any war, the first casualty is common sense,
and the second is free and open discussion"
- James Reston
The Competitive Enterprise Institute: The tobacco "Master Settlement Agreement" was signed by 46 state attorneys general and major tobacco companies. This video is a dramatization of how the deal was hatched. Watch the video.

TEN YEARS LATER, TOBACCO DEAL GOING UP IN SMOKE. "It just seems weird the idea that the tobacco (settlement) is going to go on forever," Baden said. "In the long run my suspicion is something will take out the settlement. The thing won't last forever."

WHO FCTC: Tobacco treaty signers close to adopting measure. By Vinnee Tong. Kathy Mulvey, policy director at Corporate Accountability International, said that earlier opposition from China and Japan -- which both have a stake in tobacco companies -- had dissolved.

KING BLOOMBERG: MIKE IS A MAYOR RUN AMOK. By Fred Siegel. Bloomberg says he's beyond politics. He's right. We're living in his monarchy, subjects to his unwavering faith in himself.
Newly detected air pollutant mimics damaging effects of cigarette smoke. "Based on our work, we now know that free radicals similar to those in cigarettes are also found in airborne fine particles and potentially can cause many of the same life-threatening conditions. This is a staggering, but not unbelievable result, when one considers all of diseases in the world that cannot currently be attributed to a specific origin."
Health experts debunk passive smoking fraud. We hope that the voices of scientific decency will not be silenced.
MD Says Second-Hand Smoke Theory is Junk. By John Dale Dunn MD JD. They are propagandists, not scientists.
From The Mailbag
OH: Lobbyist argued two sides of issue. By Pam Parker.
SC: York County: Businesses Should Decide Smoking or Not.
WI: IPCPR Op-Ed on Proposed Statewide Smoking Ban.
USA: Celebrate Repeal Day, December 5th.
USA: Claims that FDA Bill Will End Addiction are Unfounded.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Australia: Commissioner - Police won't enforce smoke laws.
Netherlands: Huge protest planned for November 29th in The Hague.
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Dropouts likely do smoke more than students who smoke and graduate

Drop-outs smoking more than actual students who smoke AND graduate from school makes sense to me. Since dropouts are the same type of teen smokers who are more like hood smokers. They tend to light up their cigs (and/or Js), ignore lots of rules, and get away with whateva they want, while ignoring the rest of society. I agree with part of that mindset when it comes to dealing with smoking bans

Unfortunately, the fact more dropouts smoke than graduates might make an anti think he/she is right on "Teens who smoke get low grades and/or drop out of school."

I don't think simply smoking cigs can cause a teen to drop out of school. Some people who smoke are actually smart people. But I think a dropout who smokes means the smoking is an aspect of that hood smoker's personality. Just like teens who drink and do the Js....yes a teen who likely has that kind of bad personality may likely be a dropout. But at least some of the goodie teens who actually graduate can be smokers too.

I do think the actual rate of adult smokers could be higha too. Since the adult smokers don't include those who started as minors and kept on smoking afta dropping out of school.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tobacco use rebounds in the US

http://www.connpost .com/breakingnew s/ci_11074914

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (AP) -- Lindsay Pasley is an eager young man in what used to be an older man's game -- tobacco farming.

He recently took 20 tons of his early prepared leaf to Clay's Tobacco Warehouse in Mount Sterling, due east of Lexington in the Appalachian foothills, where he said he earned enough to "have a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas."

The auctioneer's singsong chant still rings out at Clay's and a few other tobacco-selling sites stubbornly hanging on with limited sales, but not nearly as often.

Clay's is the last tobacco warehouse still conducting auctions in Mount Sterling, once home to four auction warehouses. Owner Roger Wilson, who has watched as longtime growers have switched crops or quit farming altogether over the years, hopes to sell more than 2 million pounds this season, comparable to last year but down about half from the days before Congress pulled the plug on a Depression-era buyout program.

Yet Pasley, 28, wants to quadruple his acreage. He has a contract to sell 10 times as much to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. as he did at the auction.

A decade ago, tobacco seemed destined to wither as cigarette companies shelled out tens of billions to settle lawsuits with states. Smoking bans then swept the country and -- worst of all for the small-time grower -- Congress cut off the quota system four years ago.

As a rebound in production this year shows, however, Big Tobacco and individual growers alike have proven

as resilient as their leaf, aided by a boost in exports primarily to Germany and Switzerland and by new marketing tactics emphasizing smokeless options.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, production of all tobacco varieties fell 27 percent to 640 million pounds in 2005, the first year without the price support program, which entitled license-holders to a quota of the total tobacco crop capped by the USDA each year. The venerable program was reeling from steep declines in tobacco demand due to anti-smoking efforts.

This year, production climbed to 805 million pounds -- within 10 percent of the 2004 level of 882 million pounds. That 2004 output was half the production in 1997 and a third of 30 years earlier. The bottom came in 2005, when growers produced 645 million pounds. The uptick has coincided with the increasing consolidation of growing onto fewer farms.

Production of burley leaf, which accounts for about a quarter of all tobacco production in the United States, has lost about three-fourths of its growers since the buyout, Snell said. Yet some operations now cover hundreds of acres, a big undertaking when much of the work is still done by hand.

In 2004, the last year of the federal price-support program, there were nearly 26,000 farms with quota licenses to grow the more common flue-cured tobacco in North Carolina, still the nation's top tobacco-growing state. By this year, that was down to 2,500 to 3,000 farms, said Scott Bissette of the state agriculture department's tobacco marketing division.

U.S. tobacco production was valued at $1.3 billion in 2007, off from $1.75 billion in 2004, according to the USDA. Domestic cigarette sales are falling by 3 percent to 4 percent a year, a decline that has worsened since the quota system ended. Smokers have felt increased pressure to quit due to smoking bans and higher prices, on top of the longstanding health concerns and the social stigma.

The top two U.S. cigarette makers -- Philip Morris USA and Reynolds American Inc. -- are aggressively searching for a smokeless product that consumers will like. They are focusing on cigars, moist snuff, chewing tobacco and snus, which comes in tea bag-like pouches that users stick between the cheek and gum.

To move beyond cigarettes, Altria Group Inc. bought John Middleton Inc., the maker of convenience- store staple Black & Mild cigars, last year. Its pending acquisition of UST Inc., whose Skoal and Copenhagen brands make it the U.S. market leader in smokeless tobacco, is expected to close during the first week in January.

Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Reynolds bought the Conwood smokeless tobacco business in 2006 and sells moist snuff under the Grizzly brand.

Richmond, Va.-based Altria, which also owned Marlboro-maker Philip Morris International, spun it off as an independent company in March. It has since shifted the production of 57 billion cigarettes to overseas factories, but it still buys tobacco grown in the U.S., spokesman Greg Prager said.

Prager said Philip Morris International, the world's biggest nongovernmental tobacco company, also buys tobacco from Brazil, Malawi, Italy, Greece, Turkey and other countries. He said U.S. tobacco remained a key component of the company's international blends, though he declined to specify how much is bought from U.S. sources, citing competitive reasons.

Exports of U.S. tobacco have played a big role in the crop's rebound. Foreign sales peaked in 1978 at 700 million pounds, but the price supports meant American farmers were undercut by developing countries such as Zimbabwe and Malawi selling tobacco for as little as a third of the U.S. cost. U.S. exports slid to about 339 million pounds in 2005 before rising again to 398 million pounds in 2006, the USDA said.

The rebound was due to a weak dollar and rising currencies overseas, said Blake Brown, a North Carolina State University agricultural economist.

In recent months, a strengthening dollar along with a rebound in tobacco production in South America and Africa are causes for concern for export prospects, Snell said. And profit margins remain tight for farmers because of rising costs, Snell said. Whether tobacco companies offer price incentives will be crucial in determining how much U.S. tobacco is grown, he said.

"Today's farmers are not like yesterday's farmers -- that since they grew tobacco last year they're going to grow it next year," Snell said. "These farmers will look at the market opportunities year to year."

Still, the U.S. is expected to remain the world's fourth-largest tobacco grower throughout this decade, trailing China, India and Brazil, according to the United Nations. Not only has tobacco production expanded outside the Southeast to places like Pennsylvania and Missouri, but farmers are feeling better about their prospects.

In 2004, 69 percent of North Carolina growers in one survey said they saw a future in tobacco. Two years into the buyout experience it was 76 percent, according to the research conducted under National Cancer Institute grants. About a third of farmers said in 2006 they would advise their children to grow tobacco, up from about one-fifth in 2004.

Pasley said he expects to produce about 500,000 pounds of burley this year, and that he would have produced another 150,000 pounds if he'd gotten more rain.

"My goal is to sell 1 million pounds before I turn 30," he said.

As he sees it, the best thing tobacco has going for it is demand.

"People always chew and smoke," he said.