Saturday, January 5, 2008

If smokers are criminals, don't forget about the REAL criminals!

I'm anxiously waiting to read the first article on an IL business that attempted to get busted by cops (for violating the smoking bans) but the owner won't go down without a fight so to speak.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear of a business closing down due to the state ban. That artice would be very sad to read,

I see some smoking activists agree that there are worse thangs to worry about, like "criminals walking in the streets" than calling cops to go afta a tavern violating a smoking ban. I brought this up myself in a different way. What is more important to an anti? Calling 911 afta seeing people smoke in a tavern? Or calling 911 afta a brotha threatens to kill him if the anti "doesn't give that robber his darn money?"

I'd call 911 to report getting robbed. But you betta make sure you let the brotha run away first before picking up the cell phone.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an actual anti become a robbery victim one day. Like he gets into an argument with a smoker...and the smoker then pulls it out and demands whateva it is
he (or she) wants from the crybaby.

Incidents like that would make the anti think twice on arguing with a smoker. And crime can make antis learn the hard way that you oughta be worried about smoke from a gun killing you when you're at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

This smoke from my cig can't even kill a baby indoors let alone an adult indoors. But that gun
has "smoke" that can kill you in the blink of an eye.

If smoking cigs is like using a loaded gun in itself, then I wonder why smoking one cig can't kill me. All it takes is one darn bullet from a gun to kill a person in a flash. Especially if that barrel is on his/her cheek. Smoking can't be like using a loaded gun!

It's pitiful smokers are now criminals if they smoke in a tavern. But I know the definition of a criminal. I don't need a dictionary.....I've seen REAL criminals in action. And an innocent smoker is NOWHERE CLOSE to even DRESSING UP like criminals!! The last time I was in a place with mostly smokers in it, none of those ladies (and men) were dressed up in gang fashion. Nobody was wearing masks and/or shades eitha. And I would've passed out if I saw one of those innocent smokers using a gun or knife.

Heck, I don't even think those smokers used motorcycles to drive to the smoker-friendly party LOL!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A comment I left for the ACS

Rememba that petition I shared for IL smokers in here? Well that petition got published in this news article.

The actual link for the petition where you can sign it can be found by clicking this.

Here's a comment I left in the newspaper article in regards to the ACS.

I got a comment for the American Cancer Society. If we ever ban tobacco sales in the US and not just in Illinois, where would you guys get your funds from? I know why tobacco sales are not banned despite you guys getting your wish of a "Smoke-Free Illinois." You guys would be BROKE if there were no smokers in the US let alone Illinois.
Actually, you wouldn't be broke if you collect taxes off of fast food lovers instead (if we did ban tobacco sales).
This isn't a smoke-free Illinois in my eyes. People can still buy tobacco. They just can't smoke the tobacco in public places.
A smoke-free Illinois to me would mean a state where you will find no smokers at all. But the last time I checked, there are still smokers in the streets.
I guess we will all see how the hospitality businesses fare with a "smoke-free IL" during 2008. I already heard of a bar in Peoria that is ignoring the smoking ban.

Businesses can designate a room as a "private residence" and you can smoke in there

This idea I read about needs to be applied to all hospitality businesses and workplaces in Illinois.

From Edna:

"Since the last line of sec 15 of Illinois. SB0500 (public Act 095-
0017) states "Smoking is prohibited in indoor public places and work places, UNLESS specifically exempted by Section 35 of this act. And since Sec 35 exempts private residences, why can't restaurants and bars having more than one room just sit up a room and say that it is a private resident. Hang a sign on the door-"-private resident, not open to the public". I do not think the law can tell you who you can allow to go into your "private residence".

What I had to say about this idea:

I'd like to see that idea applied to workplaces as well. That "private residence" room would bring back the days of smoking on the job but smoking in a fashion where you don't have to worry about others interrupting you.

I think that idea would work. If antis flip at the idea, just show the cops, owners, employers, etc what Section 35 specifically says.

I hope they realize private residences ain't limited to homes and literal apartments. And a private residence could be something as small as as room with chairs, ashtrays, and a ceiling fan.

If they argue "This isn't a private residence room! Where's the kitchen and bathroom at?" I'd tell them the kitchen and bathroom are both outside of this room, duh. I realize not all workplaces have kitchens that workers can use. But you can still call and order carry-outs.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What you can do to help overturn a ban in your area

These are some tips I read from a smoker in my Yahoo group. And these tips are beneficial for all smokers to read. Especially if you're trying to overturn a ban in your local area.

While this post was meant for residents in IL, I'm sure these tips can help any American smokers. Unfortunately, I don't know the best way to look up state legislators online if you're a smoker from outside of IL. You can probably do a Google search for your home state's legislators.


0) take time to practice what you want to say and say it succinctly. Try
to cut the fat. If you must, rant to a friend first to flesh out the
main bits.

0a) look up your state legislator online
http://www.election DistrictLocator/ SelectSearchType .aspx

1) when calling, identify yourself as a constituent

2) give your message. If you are upset, or trying to avoid being upset,
mention that. Understand that your representative may not vote as you
want, but particularly with smoking issues, wouldn't it be nice if
smokers called up and cut through the rude stereotype?

3) give an example of someone you saw kicked outside because of the ban,
or of people that will be hurt by the more stringent ban(the elderly, at

4) ask who else you can call. Ask "Is it okay to call the sponsors of
the bill? I don't want to waste their time, but I want to make my voice
heard where it can be." I honestly don't know that. And it is a good

5) ask if the office would like to see statistics via e-mail and a few
brief web page links

6) thank them for the time and the opportunity to express yourself. Ask
them if they feel you've been too harsh, and promise them you will try
to do better the next time.

My search for "African-American Smokers" in Google

I came across somethang new online regarding Black smokers. This page from 2001 says African-American smokers smoke less than otha smokers.

If it's true most of the light smokers are African-Americans, I doubt they're smoking less for the sake of their health. I think they're smoking less because it's hard for a low-income smoker to afford 8-10 bucks per cigarette pack.

Maybe if packs were more affordable, you would be seeing a lot more Black smokers smoking 2 packs per day or more. If a pack was only 1 buck, I'd become a 3ppd smoker myself. But then again, it is tough to enjoy lots of cigs per day when you got smoking bans.

It ain't a surprise that more underage Blacks are smoking in recent years. But of these smokers who start before the age of 18, about 500,000 of those Black smokers will die from a smoking-related cause


If 45,000 Black smokers die per year, and if half of a million underage Black smokers will die by the time they are older, then that is essentially saying Big Tobacco is trying to wipe out the Black population themselves. I'm inclined to believe there are as many as 500,000 underage Black smokers nationwide.

That oughta give you an idea of how many smokers are in the US. if "we" represent 12 percent of the total American smokers, and you take 500,000 underage Black smokers into account. Maybe there's like 40-45 million smokers living in America.

45 million smokers is enough to fill up at least 7 US cities that were as large as NYC. 45 million smokers sounds like a LARGE group of folks to me. They probably are a minority when you take the whole US population into account. But it's kinda sad there are fewer smokers than the entire Black population nationwide.

I wonder how many of those "500,000 underage Black smokers" live in big cities...the type of cities where it's common to see under-18 folks smoking. In reality, I think that numba is slightly exaggerated.

Because not all of those underage Black smokers are thugs or are involved in gangs. Some of them probably get their packs legally...with the help of a fake ID or an adult brotha/sista buying cigs for them! Some of them probably buy their packs from dealers in the hood too.

Presidential Election

2008 is also the year of the next Presidential election. This country needs a Black President. I wouldn't mind seeing a woman President. But Hillary Clinton wants to have a nationwide smoking ban from what I heard about her. O'Bama is in favor of smoking bans as an EX-smoker.

If I was President of the United States, I'd make ALL smoking bans illegal. Including getting rid of outdoor smoking bans. Whateva happened to making both sides happy? It should be the business owner's decision as to whetha or not he/she wants to allow smoking. I'd bring back smoking sections/non-smoking sections in restaurants.

I'd make it illegal to keep raising tobacco taxes. Smokers shouldn't be forced to fund thangs like the SCHIP. I wouldn't mind seeing higher fast food taxes though.

I'd require every building to have adequate ventilation. If nonsmokers are still gonna complain about smelling smoke in the nonsmoking area, maybe they can ask for a table that's far away from the smoking section. Or maybe they can avoid going to the restaurant. I'm sure that restaurant doesn't need money from someone who is gona snitch about smelling smoke.

If I was President, I'd force all employers to interview ALL of their applicants before the employers make a final decision on who to hire. Most of the time when a poor person applies for a job, he/she will be lucky to get a reply period. Even when the employer hires someone else, that otha applicant will be lucky to even get a negative reply.

We also need to give the poor more job opportunities. If people wonder why so many poor people are involved in getting money illegally, maybe it has somethang to do with the fact those poor people can't get hired. Getting money illegally is wrong 100 percent. But I do understand a bro or sis doing whateva the heck it takes to make a living (if he/she can't get hired).

If America had more jobs out here (and if employers were more willing to hire poor people), you would see a decrease in criminals.

Speaking of those who break laws in order to make it out here, I'd make it illegal for a cop to search any smoker for no valid reason. Because I know searching a bro's body while he's smoking a cig is wrong. I can see searching a bro smoking a cig if the cop suspects him to be involved in a case the cop is investigating. But I should be allowed to make a cop pay for searching an innocent smoker like me. Especially if that cop touches any part of my body while searching me. I'd do the same exact thang if an anti tried touching me too.

Bush is a good example of the type of President we don't need. He denied on national TV that he hates Blacks during the Katrina after math in '05. But I saw othawise when he waited for several days to pass before sending those brothas and sistas help at all in Nawlins.

I guess one negative of having a Black President is he would need bodyguards to protect him from assassination attempts. And if I was president, I'd have TWO evil groups having a deep interest in killing me. Antis would probably love to see a President like me killed so they can take over Americans' lives again. But I got bad news for those a-holes....I'm nto actually running for President!

My goal is to bring back a prosmoking USA where antismoking hardly exists. It's crazy that smokers get more negativity than even gays and gay marriages!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Smoking bans in prisons

A prison smoking ban is the perfect ingredient to make smokers more aggressive while in the streets, including myself.

And a prison smoking ban is a nice incentive to make thangs ugly with inmates trying to break out of prison altogetha and continue doing whateva it is they were doing before they were behind bars....which included smoking as well.

And once those criminal smokers break outta jail successfully, they'll just be smarter at doing illegal thangs. Because being in a jail is bad enough. But not being able to smoke while you're behind bars for several years?

If you wanna keep inmates behind bars, you should give them their bread, water, and cigs.

Don Bubba cigars one of the last smoker-friendly places left in Illinois

Don Bubba Cigars is one of the very few remaining tobacco shops in IL where you can still smoke at. This shop is located in Peoria. Although I neva been there, I met Don Bubba himself at a cigar party back in Nov. 2007. I rememba him mentioning he sells hookahs too. But I saw all of his cigars at the party. He definitely has a good tasting cigar, although the one I smoked was considered to be a mild cigar.

Smoking lounge hopes to profit off ban
Don Bubba Cigars among last havens for smokers in Illinois
Monday, December 31, 2007
PEORIA - Ian Farquharson used to buy, sell and trade electronics, jewelry and stereos from his business at 1413 NE Adams St.

After clearing out the stacks of old computers and laying down a few Oriental-style rugs, he has turned his former Super Swap Shop into one of the last retreats for central Illinois smokers.

Farquharson, owner of Don Bubba Cigars, recently opened a smoking lounge with couches, tables, a television and music so smokers can hang out and light up.

"As long as it's legal, they can smoke it here," said the man known to friends as "Don Bubba."

The lounge, attached to his cigar shop, will sell cigars, tobacco for hookahs, pre-packaged snacks and cups of strong Cuban coffee to customers 18 and older. Farquharson also plans on providing hookahs - water pipes used to smoke flavored tobacco - for a fee to interested customers.

And according to the wording of the new statewide smoking ban, which takes effect at midnight tonight, he won't be breaking the law.

The law states that retail tobacco stores where at least 80 percent of the gross income comes from the sale of tobacco or tobacco-related products may allow smoking inside the business.

The stores also must file affidavits each year with the Department of Public Health showing their percentage of sales from tobacco. And once the act is in effect, only freestanding structures that are solely occupied by the business can qualify for an exemption. Current tobacco stores that share space with other shops - like Farquharson' s store - will be grandfathered in, the law reads.

But Farquharson, 37, said his plans for a smoking lounge were in the works well before the law was passed.

"Before the smoking ban was even here, I wanted to do it," he said. " I wanted to do it because I would go somewhere and everyone would look at me like, 'I don't like cigars.' And you can't take a hookah anywhere."

Whether or not the idea of a smoking lounge will catch on with smokers is still unclear, but Farquharson and his customers think the new room will spark interest and sales.

"I think this will probably help his business a lot," customer Jeff Lueders said recently between puffs on a cigar.

Lueders, 41, said the new law will give cigar aficionados few locations where they can legally smoke.

"They can either sit at home and smoke or, if they want to get out and meet somewhere, a tobacco shop is about the only other place they'll be able to go," he said. "That or someplace outside."

Monday, December 31, 2007

A classic antismoking quote.

The following quote is a citation from this linked page.

A related article to this page (on Marriott having all smoke-free) can be found by CLICKING THIS.

Terri says:

"Hell Yes, the smoking ban is a good idea. I am sick and tired of having to deal w/other people's bad and filthy habits. I think all smokers should be moved to their own filthy ashtray planet."

Well Terri, it's a wonder why you never decided to stay in a non-smoking hotel room. I read that Marriott is spending more money on the maintenance of all of those non-smoking rooms, and all of those non-smoking rooms are not filled up at the Mariotti hotels.

You think I deserve to be on anotha planet? I pay a lot of taxes as an American. If I'm gonna pay taxes I'm gonna smoke. Whetha you like it or not!

You sound like a lil girl in your quote instead of a mature woman. And you sound like you need some professional help. You also sound like you want trouble. Because I'd shove you to the ground as hard as I could if you think I belong on my own filthy planet. I got two words for you "ma'am." GROW UP!

This is a classic example of an anti I can not simply ignore if I ran into her in public.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

There used to be tons of wealthy ppl living in the USA?

I'm sure a lotta wealthy people lived in America in the old days. Those people were so wealthy back then, they thought they had higher power over poor "colored people" in those days.

In modern times, it's the politicians who are wealthy off of smokers' money. Those politicians think they're so wealthy, they have the right to treat smokers as MONEY slaves and abuse smokers' income. Never mind the fact the politicians believe in forcing every place to become smoke-free. So they take the smokers' money...but they don't want poor folks smoking in places. I heard in some countries with smoking bans, the politicians can still smoke in their offices. If there's a smoking ban, the rich gotta follow the rules like everyone else.

But I guess as long as you're wealthy, you're free to do whatever you want since the poor can't do anything in their eyes.

Well one group of "poor" people found a way to end the classical version of slavery in America. Some of them even lost their lives in exchange for earning freedom for Africans living in the US. I wouldn't be living here myself if it wasn't for them.

It would be nice to see another group of poor people (that being smokers) to end the modern slavery in America. I hope it won't take decades to bring down anti poisonanda though.

Some folks love to gasp when they see me light up a cig. I guess it's a crime for someone as nice-looking as me to be smoking? Or maybe they never saw a "colored" person smoke in their whole lives....LOL!!

I hope they'll be gasping again at seeing a large group of smokers challenge the validity of a slave-like smoking ban. Who said smokers are weak and not smart in fighting back?