Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 is almost here

I dunno what the new year will bring. But if you like smoking cigars on New Years, I hope you have a good time smoking that stogie outdoors.

If you're a cig smoker in IL, I'd recommend smoking eitha cigars or making your own cigs. I am NEVA smoking a fire-safe cig again. But I neva bought my cigs in IL during 2007 anyway.

It's cruel to expect me to pay a lotta of money for 20 cigs that taste like sheet as fire-safes. ANd then on top of that, I can't even smoke inside of places anymore.

Some IL smokers are thinking of moving outta state. Although I gave advice like that myself (and although I can't move outta state), I say "Go for it if you wanna move."

If you smoke, you're not welcome in IL anymore. But that doesn't mean IL will neva revoke the state ban eitha. As someone said once, if we can get a large group of smokers and owners from otha states with smoking bans...then we might have a good chance of revoking the IL state ban down the line.

I like posting in here because I like to write. And I can be myself in here. It's a lil bit easier to post in here since I don't have to worry about watching my mouth.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Smoking is a beauty

To me, smoking cigs in a room inside is like me spending time with a woman in there. I don't like being disturbed when it's just me and my menthols. Especially if I'm watching smoking women on my computer.

I think how deep I inhale drags on a cig tells me how much I enjoy the cig. Because it seems like now when I smoke other menthols, they taste good. But I hold my inhales more when smoking Newports. Even though I'm a menthol lover, I can't turn down a cig offer from a lady who happens to smoke regulars.

If menthols neva existed, I wouldn't be smoking cigs at all. Because I was always interested in smoking menthols. I do remember smoking MLs a few times in the beginning. But when I really wanted to become a smoker, buying a Newport pack was the only thang on my mind.

Yeah, I know menthols are more dangerous to smoke (You can't scare me with that sheet!), and I read those BS articles before about smokers of my heritage having a betta chance of getting lung cancer since I supposedly inhale deepa than a smoker of regulars.

But I know we all live once. So it's betta to pull out a cig, flick your lighta, and enjoy life! That advice applies to ALL smokers.

My advice for antismokers is to take a chill pill. While you're so concerned about seeing people smoke in a Chicago tavern next year, maybe it's gonna take a bro (or sista for that matta) coming outta nowhere to give you a friendly reminder about more important issues in life than smoking. I bet seeing those tavern smokers would be the last thang on your mind if you felt a weapon on your body.

Of course, if you happen to be smoking in the streets, that bro/sis might be friendly with you if you offa him/her a cig or a light. It's just unfortunate I can still see more female smokers getting approached like that if the females are smoking while alone outside. And no I don't mean a dude coming up to a chick and asking her for a cig or a light.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seniors/disabled ones who are smokers have rights too

Senior smokers is one topic I neva brought up before in my blog. I can connect to these longtime smokers in one way. I'm a smoker with a disability myself. And I plan on smoking for 50-60 years too if I end up living a long life. Because I am not gonna quit an enjoyable habit that gives me a heavenly feeling.

Smoking bans not only hurt businesses, but smoking bans kill innocent people who have smoked for 40-60 years too. Because this ban will force senior smokers to smoke outside even if it's 10 degrees. And even I know smokers of that nature can't be outside in dangerous conditions like that.

And then there's the issue of those smokers having problems walking around. How can a senior smoker walk 15 feet away from a door when it's gonna take a long time for him/her to reach the "15 feet mark?" I hope those seniors don't injure themselves while trying to move around outside and find a place to smoke.

Seniors and disabled ones deserve a break when it comes to smoking bans. I don't like smoking in the cold myself. I may not be someone who has smoked for 50 years or more. But with cerebral palsy, it's tough for even me to walk around outside in snow and nice without injuring myself.

You certainly don't have to be a smoker for 50+ years in order to understand the stupidity, and freedom violations behind smoking bans. You just need some common sense to understand the truth behind smoking bans.

Do you think workers in a nursing home would care if a senior smoker died while smoking in dangerous weather? NO WAY! But they WOULD care if that senior smoker's family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for that death caused by a smoking ban.

Actually, I'd sue Blago too if I had someone in my family who died while smoking outside of a nursing home from the weather. Since he signed the freakin bill.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I saw a state ban commercial

I saw it on TV today. A Chicago Blackhawk player reminding everyone that IL will be smoke-free as of January 1. And for more info go to (sponsored by the ACS)

I wish they can take that stupid commercial off of the TV! I don't need any more reminders about the IL state ban.

As long as packs are 8-10 bucks in Chicago, you are not gonna see an increase of ADULT smokers in Chicago. The state might be a different story since packs ain't 8-10 bucks throughout the whole state.

I wouldn't be surprised at an increase of underage smoking though. Although fire-safe cigs being sold in IL might help cut that down as well. I doubt a teen is interested in smoking a cig with more chemicals in it.

If more people start smoking in Illinois among those who are 18 or older, that would be news to me. Since Illinois sells fire safe cigs.