Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome to my blog, cigar smokers/cigar fans

(If you would like to contact me outside of this blog, my email addy is posted on the home page of my IL Smokers Alliance is within this message, and on my blog's links list.)

This is a welcome post to any readers of the Maduro Woman newsletter who decided to visit here.

I'm the same Jay who attended the cigar party hosted by you-know-who. She welcomed me with open arms, and she is a very nice woman. Probably one of the nicest smokers I met anywhere. My first cigar was a pleasant one. Bubba told me "Here's a mild cigar." I told myself "For a new cigar smoker, that stogie sure is big!" I think it's actually good my first cigar was a premium one. Because after I smoked that big cigar, I hate small cigars even more.

I dunno if that was a Cuban cigar I had. Bubba called it a Cuban STYLE cigar. But it sure was cool seeing ladies smoke REAL cigars there instead of the small cigars I see now and then in public. If I wanted to smoke a small cigar, I'd buy a pack of the More cigs instead. LOL

The host called the party a smokey party. But it's actually nice it was smokey in there. It reminded me of the days when parties in college dorms/nearby apartments were smokey (from my days as a UIC student). Of course, the smokers at cllege parties are basically cig smokers.

If you're a fan of reading pro-smoking posts, you'll definitely find lots of pages on them at my blog. I'm not gona "reintroduce" myself in here. Since I do that in the first-ever post I made in here back in June. But yes, I'm primarily a Black smoker of menthol cigs. I wouldn't mind an occassional cigar as long as it's similar to one of Bubba's cigars. hee hee

I also contribute in the fight here in IL between the antismoking side and the smokers/smoking activists side. You certainly don't have to be a smoker period in order to be a smoking activist. I've met my share of nonsmokers who are opposed to smoking bans, hefty tobacco taxes, etc.

Smoking bans effect ALL smokers, not just cig smokers. If you're a cigar smoker who's fed up with the second class treatment you receive for smoking your cigars in public, then you're welcome to read my blog. You'll find links to smoking-related articles in here and some letters I submitted in the past.

You're also welcome to join my IL Smokers Alliance group (You don't have to be a cigar smoker from IL to join....ALL smokers from ALL states are welcome!).

And lastly, although Garnet gets credit for owning this smoking activist site, feel free to check out Illinois Smokers Rights for info on any issues that concern you and your freedom to smoke cigars in public. I will warn if you haven't heard, you can't smoke your cigars at Chicago beaches anymore.

An ACS rep on TV didn't say smoking is the main cause for lung cancer

I watched that segment on The View show. The segment with Whoopi trying to kick the smoking habit. She had an ACS rep on there as a guest. At least that woman representing the ACS admitted on national TV that even nonsmokers are getting lung cancer. Another host of The View tried to get the rep to confess that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. But I was surprised the ACS rep didn't say smoking is the #1 cause....the rep said lung cancer is spreading around to many folks.

That's the closest positive thing I can say on seeing the segment. An ACS rep not blaming smoking as the #1 cause for lung cancer! That's news to me in itself! And thanks, ACS rep, for telling all Americans that smokers ain't the only ones who can get lung cancer! I bet that show is gonna get lots of complaints form antismokers who watched the show. They don't wanna hear "Other things can cause lung cancer, and even nonsmokers can get it."

I guess the truth hurts, antis. I forgot today is Great American Smokeout Day. But I'm not gonna stop enjoying my menthols for a whole day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ways you can avoid high cigarette prices

The most common way smokers can avoid paying for premade cigs is by making their own cigs. This is the most convient way to get cigs. After all, a carton of MYOs is only 11-13 bucks. The catch with MYOs is finding time to make the cigs.

For someone like me, I'd ratha be smoking one cig after another instead of spending 30 mins making a whole pack. I never said MYOs taste terrible. Well the MYO menthols I had made me stick with Newports. But MYO regulars taste betta than any other premade regular I have ever smoked.

MYOs are not convient for a smoker who's busy most of the day either. How is he/she gonna find time to make cigs if he/she is running around doing different errands or whateva? But based on how much they cost, making your own cigs is a cheaper alternative.

But for smokers who want a cheaper PREMADE brand alternative, these smokers buy generics. You know, the cheap-A brands? Well, here in Chicago, a generic brand "only" costs 6 bucks per pack! That's a dumb price for a crappy pack of cigs!

But yeah, generic cigs DO taste crappy. When you taste the smoke from a generic, you'll see for yourself why these cigs are so cheap. Between generics and MYOs, I'd rather smoke my own cigs than smoke a stale-A pack!

There's actually anotha alternative....switch to cigars! I did hear of this $15 cigar tax increase over the summer. Where the govt is trying to make cigars just about s expensive as a pack of cigs. I'd probably flip myself if someone offered me a box of cigars for 100 bucks. I can get a cigar box for 41 bucks at a smoke shop (box of 20 cigars).

If you're looking for a cigar-friendly site, Here's a Maduro Woman site. The Maduro Woman provides her opinions on the different cigars out there. And for the record, I actually met her once. She's a beautiful-looking cigar smoker. And contrary to what antis believe, she isn't a rude smoker either. She is one of the classiest smokers I have ever met, and I ain't playing.

Smokers still buy cartons online, but I was told if you DO buy cigs online, you should buy them at a Seneca online smoke shop. I saw some of these Seneca smoke shops for myself. Just google for "Seneca smoke shops." Seneca smoke shops don't have to report customers' orders. But their prices are no different from offline cig prices in Indiana. I yelled "HOLY S***!" when I saw the price for a Newport carton at a Seneca online shop. 40 bucks plus 10 bucks for shipping the carton?

In 2004, I could've bought a Newport carton from a Seneca online shop at only 26 bucks. I'm not gonna promote online tobacco shops because I don't know for sure if a lotta of em stick to their words of not reporting orders to the states. made that promise. But they ended up being big liars.

Those Seneca shops are your best bet if you wanna buy cartons from a shop that will not report your orders 100 percent. But if you find a Seneca shop with cheap carton prices, please email me the URL.

I don't understand why so many smokers smoke generics....I mean aside from the cheap price. If I started smoking on these 10 years ago, I would've stopped experimenting with them immediately, because I think a cig's quality is more important than how much nic is in it.

I don't give a F if that generic has as much nic in it as a Newport. If it tastes like crap, I ain't buying a generic carton!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I went to a cigar party 2 days ago

That was a nice party. It was a dream party for a guy who's attracted to ladies smoking cigars. I saw several women smoking cigars in there myself. At least those ladies were smoking big cigars and not the Swisher Sweet and Black & Mild cigars that are almost as small as a cig.

I smoked a big cigar myself. I had a mild one, although it didn't taste lke a light cigar. One lady told me to "Don't inhale [the cigar smoke]."

I think I inhaled a little bit of cigar smoke, and I got some tobacco bits in my mouth as well.

No wonder I hardly see cigar smokers in public. These things take too long to smoke. It took me almost an hour to smoke the whole cigar. I didn't like folks lighting my cigar several times. It kept going out by itself if I didn't drag on it for a while.

As they say practice makes perfect. I'm sure once I become more used to smoking cigars, it will take less time for me to smoke a whole one. I actually liked the taste once I got used to taking drags on the big stogie. But cigars are more suitable for indoor smoking to me.

Smoking a cigar is a lot different than smoking a cigarette. But I still enjoyed my first-cigar experience.

Oh yeah. I also learned I need a bigger lighter to light one up. I was told a Bic lighter won't work on a big cigar.

Aside from smoking the cigar, I played pool and danced a little bit. Some ladies told me "You look nice." Maybe I'll have an updated pic of myself once I see the pics taken from the party.

After smoking that cigar, I didn't bother smoking a Newport for 3 hours.

It was nice seeing several smokers having a good time at the party. Whetha they were smoking cigars or cigs. If there wasn't an antismoking culture, it would be more common to see more parties of this nature being open to the general public. I can understand fully why that party wasn't open to the general public anyway.