Saturday, October 6, 2007

Smokers need to thank President Bush

I personally hate Bush. But as they say, I need to give him credit where it's due. He vetoed the idea of raising smokers' taxes to help fund SCHIP, a program related with kids. ALL smokers should either email him or leave a phone comment by simply telling him the reason why "I thank you for viewing smokers as Americans."

My thanks to him is below the line I made. I do agree with a brotha (from a group based on my race) that if Bush wasn't wasting millions of bucks in Iraq, he could help fund SCHIP himself. But at least he doesn't like the idea of smokers funding SCHIP.


(I actually don't feel comfy in posting a phone numba, even with it being a comments phone numba....but this numba IS posted in my group)

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From: Jay
Sent: Saturday, October 6, 2007 10:04:21 AM
Subject: Thanks President Bush for your veto decision

Dear President Bush,

You made the right decision in vetoing the idea of increasing smokers' taxes as a way of funding SCHIP. Smokers shouldn't be taxed because as someone else said, I'm not an ATM machine. If SCHIP needs help in funding, there should be other ways to fund that program. Smokers are first-class Americans. Not a group of Americans who should be treated as money slaves. And I thank you again for recognizing smokers as Americans who should be first-class citizens. Adding more tobacco taxes would make it more difficult for them to pay for a pack. Maybe SCHIP forgot about the higher the pack, the more likely I'm not going to buy that pack and I won't end up helping SCHIP out at the same time.

Thanks again!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mark your money with SMOKERS MONEY if you smoke

Here's an idea I got from my smokers group online. In a post later on, I might expand on this nice idea from the smoker who presented it.

On Great American Smokeout Day, do not spend your money if you smoke. Stock up on thangs that you need before that day.

And afta that day, mark all of your dollar bills with "SMOKERS MONEY." Maybe when people start seeing dollar bills with SMOKERS MONEY on them, that will make society and anti orgs think twice on abusing smokers' money! Because society takes smokers money for granted.

Why smokers don't have the same mindset of other minority groups

A smoker in a group mentioned how smokers would make a huge difference in this nation if (my memory of what I read in the group) "We bond together like Blacks. Blacks represent 14 percent of the US population, they fought for their rights, and they won. If minority groups can come together and earn their rights b fighting, who said we [smokers] can't do the same?"

One would think smokers WOULD make a difference in society as the largest minority in the US. I found it interesting smokers outnumber us....since my heritage represent only 14 percent of the nation.

But there's a huge difference between smokers and us....and I'll explain it like this.

If I ask 10 Blacks "Are you sick and tired of employers turning us down without saying upfront "I don't want Blacks working for me? Are you sick and tired of the media making us look bad by hinting Americans would live longer if a lot of us weren't HIV-infected, for example?" they would all say "HECK YES!" I even see occassional rallies in Chicago involving Blacks. Particularly when it comes to them trying to get rid of gun shops.....since a gun shop makes it easier for young ones to get their hands on guns. Actually, those kids might buy a gun illegally in the streets...but hose guns they buy usually come from the gun shops.

Now if I ask 10 smokers "Are you sick and tired of beig told to put it out when you're smoking OUTDOORS? Are you sick and tired of an employer not telling you upfront you're not hired for simply being a smoker?" The responses would be different.

A good portion of those 10 smokers will say "I don't mind being told to put it out. These bans can help me quit smoking anyway. I guess I will have to quit smoking if I want to get hired. What's the big deal?"

I can try telling those smokers "They're telling you to put it out because those authorities think SHS is deadly to inhale for others, especially kids. But SHS was never dangerous to inhale to begin with. SHS is deadly because the antis say so, and they got biased tests to back up their freaking lies!!!"

"Why should you quit smoking if you want to get hired? Just be yourself. If society doesn't like me being Black OR a smoker, screw them. I have every right to make money. And I even think the fact I'm Black overrides the fact I smoke when it comes to hiring me. Since it's supposedly illegal to not hire me for simply being Black."

How many of those smokers would tell me "You're right. I DO need to ask why I can't smoke in a quiet area outside. I need to challenge that employer for not hiring me for simply being a smoker?" I'll put it like this...I'll be happy if ONE of those 10 smokers sees the light I'm giving to them.

In conclusion, we Blacks won our battles because practically ALL of us weren't brainwashed by society's perception on us back then and even now. Unfortunately, most of those 20-25 percent of Americans being smokers are brainwashed by anti poisonanda. And that needs to change in a hurry. It COULD change if we have pro-smoking commercials and smoker right commercials on TV and in the mags!