Thursday, September 27, 2007

Smokers are at no risk of Alzheimer's

Despite what this article says, smokers are at no risk of getting Alzheimer's.

If you read posts in smokers' groups before, as well as reading info on Smokers Club Inc, you might have come across research that shows smoking prevents Alzheimers.

But I do have a comment on a quote from this cited article.

"Researchers announced these results after analyzing seven years of data from almost 7,000 people over age 55."

First of all, there are a LOT more than 7,000 smokers over the age of 55. So this is like a small sample to study. And second, this research should've extended for like 30 years at most. Because smoking has been around for decades and really centuries. Not just for the past 7 years.

So I'm gonna get Alzheimer's based on a study that dates back to 7 years, and I have a 50 percent chance of getting dementia, which is another term for Alzheimer's? What were the chances of a smoker getting Alzheimer's say 45 years ago?

I'm taking this "study" as a grain of salt. It's no different from me reading I have a greater chance of getting diabetic or getting STDs for simply being an African-American. ANYONE can get one of these two risks I mentioned. Not just me and fellow bros/sistas.

I heard of folks coming down with Alzheimer's AFTER they quit smoking. My grandpa was one of them. (He's smoking his Camels in heaven now.) But I never heard of a SINGLE smoker getting Alzheimer's without quitting the habit.

My advice for smokers: If you don't want to get Alzheimer's, keep on smoking!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Does America want to see this happen to smokers down the line? (sorta off-topic)

I was furious after I just read an article this morning about a sis in West Virginia got raped and tortured by 6 (I'll just say) individuals. I can look up into the sky and say "Thank you!" for those 6 holes getting arrested.

I wouldn't be surprised if smokers are getting raped and tortured out there. Similar to the way this sis was tortured. They cut her ankles off and tore all of her hair off of the head among other things (other things were too graphic for this post).

Just like with the media keeping themselves quiet on incidents like this (and I personally know why you won't hear this on the news...they don't wanna admit racism is still prevalent in modern times), I bet the media doesn't say word about smokers getting raped and tortured because they believe smokers DESERVE to receive that deadly treatment.

As much as antis wanna deny smokers getting discrimination, I wouldn't be surprised if I hear of female smokers getting kidnapped, raped, and tortured in the future. We need to make society wake up on the truth of SHS and the truth of smoking bans before this 2nd class treatment reaches a level I'm REALLY used to. I know I'd have no choice but to get violent as part of self-defense if a group of antis ever attempted to kidnap me and attempt to make me feel serious pain for just being a smoker.

I'm not sharing the article because its sorta off-topic. And I got it as an email only. If that sis used to be a fellow Black smoker as well, that gives me another reason to be mad, We're supposedly so concerned about SHS (we as a nation). But yet, the media keeps quiet when they hear of kidnappings and murders based on solely racist issues.

WI State smoking ban proposal

Here's my comment I submitted on the smoking ban proposal in WI. ARTICLE LINK

"The proposed bill has requirements similar to existing statewide bans in Minnesota and Illinois and would only allow individuals over 18 to smoke in personal areas, including homes and cars."

I don't know how Wisconsin plans on enforcing what this quote mentions, if the state ban becomes reality.

I can imagine teens smoking in big Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee. And I notice it says "over 18." So it's illegal for an 18 year-old to buy cigs in Wisconsin? How are the WI smoke cops gonna assure nobody under 18 is smoking in their OWN car or OWN home?

This statement in the quote is on the borderline of a civil rights violation. An 18 year old can work, drive, and fight for our country, but that 18 year old can't smoke in even homes and cars at WI. A 16 year old can essentially do the same things. But a 16 year old can't smoke in his/her room while doing homework? Bogus in all honesty.

The worst part of a state smoking ban in ANY state is the taverns and Restaurants in WI will see decreased revenues, loss of customers who smoke, and workers at these taverns/restaurants will be forced to get unemployment checks as a result of loss of smoking customers.

They say smoking bans do NOT hurt businesses. But those antismokers are BIG liars. I've read and heard about so many taverns and restaurants closing down because of smoking bans across the nation and in other countries, it ain't funny.

Smoking bans are all about mind control from governments, and bans are meant to make smokers feel like they're worthless citizens in America.