Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anti-Smoking Conferences

I didn't know til now that it's possible for smokers to attend antismoking conferences, and anti tobacco conferences for that matter.

But attending those conferences is the best way for us smokers to learn about the antismokers' goals and future plans in trying to "eliminate tobacco" from Planet Earth. I can't imagine an anti posing as a smoker at a smokers rights meeting. He might "die" from all of that "deadly SHS." LOL!!!

The key with antismoking conferences is booking a hotel room so you have a place to smoke period. And of course hte expenses of traveling to a conference...I wouldn't travel by plane. Planes are a pain in the rear end. And so are the security measures when it comes to BOARDING a plane.

Attending antismoking conferences is a good way fr a smoker to learn about antismokers behind closed doors so to speak. You can actually find out some info on an upcoming antismoking conference within the Yahoo smoking groups. Just remember, you gotta pretend to be an anti yourself in order to fit in. Because I'm sure if they learn you're a smoker or even a supporter of revoking smoking bans, they might eject you. Since I heard there's no sympathy for smokers in the conference. As in smokers are the evil ones, and antis are the good guys.

If antis are the "good guys," how come they don't respect my freedom of choice? And how come they talk like kids when I DO see posts from them online?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Daddy thinks I'll quit with higher prices for cigs

I knew the prices for cigs in Indiana went up this summer. But the price for a carton depends on what brand you want now. My main brand is now 43 bcks per carton in Hammond. At least that high-A price will stop Chicago bootleggers from getting Newports.

But this case is where a smoker enjoying multiple brands come in handy. At least the only reg brand I currently like is at a reasonable $36/carton price. (Winston Lights)

I find it interesting that a Kool carton is still less than 40 bucks in Indiana. That's probably because fewer people smoke Kools than Newports. Seems like the Indiana govt is trying to do more than stop Chicago bootleggers from coming over there. They're trying to get a good portion of Newport smokers in the area to find a different brand if they wanna continue to smoke.

Maybe I might actually move to Missouri one day. Since that's the #1 state for smokers as far as prices go. While I don't like that new Newport price in Indiana, Big Daddy isn't gonna force me to quit based on raising prices. Not when I have an alternative brand I can enjoy. While there may be lots of brands, the number of options a smoker has (if the price is right) is getting slimmer.

I will admit that's still 25 bucks cheaper compared to a carton in Chicago.