Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Smoking helps prevent women from becoming obese

I just thought of something as I'm having my wake-up menthol this morning.

Antis like to pressure smokers to stop smoking. But I heard of cases where once these women stop smoking, they start eating more. And then their bodies go from slim bodies (while they used to enjoy cigs) to big bodies. And maybe those ex-female smokers become obese themselves (as in even bigger bodies than the average big ladies out there).

So while some smoking ladies give into antismoking pressure and quit smoking, their health really doesn't become better. It becomes worse because I know a lot of women view gaining weight as a bad thing for them. There's another hidden benefit for smoking. The habit helps keep most women slim, because the cigs help them eat less food.

Maybe if someone tells a woman to quit smoking, she oughta tell the moron "Do you honestly think quitting smoking is a good thing? I want a slim body, and I'll start eating more once I'm 'free from the addiction' as you players call smoking."

Antis won't tell you the truth that quitting smoking will make you eat more and gain weight as a result. So if there's a smoking lady that hates the idea of having a big body or an obese body, my best solution is to NEVER quit smoking. Of course, I hope she smokes a brand she likes the taste of. No point in smoking period if you hate the brand you're having.