Saturday, August 4, 2007

It oughta be illegal to ban smoking outside of ALL buildings

I just thought of something. The Bears decided to ban smoking at Soldier Field in accordance with the new IL statewide smoking ban.

Well, from what I read, the state ban doesn't include no smoking outdoors. Therefore, smokers should be allowed to smoke outside of ANY building or sports stadium in IL. Since there's no rule agains smoking outside of a building, it should be illegal for the Bears to ban smoking outside of their stadium! As a matter of fact, Soldier Field is an OUTDOOR stadium! Which technically means, smoking should be allowed even inside of the stadium. Since folks and players are still outdoors watching the game.

I wonder if smokers who are Bear fans can sue their behinds for illegally banning smoking there. Especially since the Bears claim the decision is related with the state ban...and I'd ask em "Show me the EXACT LINE of the IL state ban that specifically says smoking is prohibited outside of buildings."

I know about the darn 15 ft rule outside, but that's besides the point I'm clearly making.

This isn't the exact post I had in mind to add on this topic. But this is my last post on this topic for my group and blog.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

No smoking at Soldier Field, outside of the stadium included!

If you're a football fan, don't come to Chicago if you smoke! The Bears have banned smoking inside AND outside of Soldier Field! (Article posted below, URL included)

If weapons were allowed inside of the stadium, you would see smokers getting arrogant and vicious with smoke security folks trying to ask the drunk fans to put out the smokes! I'd get arrogant myself, although I wouldn't be drunk! If I'm gonna pay 200-500 bucks for a ticket, my hood side would come out if security threatened to kick me out for refusing to put a cig out!

But they won't have to worry about putting ME in cuffs. Because I'd take Bears tickets and shove them into the Bears' a**es!!

Buh-bye Soldier Field. I'll NEVER watch a Bears game in person now!

Oh yeah. Is there gonna be security hanging out in the restrooms over there? Because the way I see it, if someone asks me to put out a cig in a restroom, I'd tell the officer to not violate my right to privacy. You don't need to be peeking into a stall! I intend to say more on this topic in my next blog post lata.

August 01, 2007

Chicago Bears
LAKE FOREST, IL — In order to be compliant with the Smoke-Free Illinois Act, smoking will be prohibited at Soldier Field during all Chicago Bears home games beginning with the preseason contest on August 25 versus the San Francisco 49ers.

There will be no designated smoking areas inside or outside of Soldier Field and re-entry is prohibited for those who choose to exit the stadium premises to smoke. Violators of the strictly enforced policy are subject to ejection from the stadium; repeated violations can result in the loss of a patron’s personal seat license and forfeiture of season ticket privileges.

S3 ushers and Monterrey Security officers will be enforcing the new smoke-free policy. First-time violators of the smoking policy will be asked to exchange their ticket for a “Smoking Card.” Any patron refusing to exchange his or her ticket will be ejected from the stadium. If a patron with a smoking card is then smoking in the stadium for a second time, he or she will be ejected.

To help communicate the policy change to fans the Chicago Bears will be sending out a letter to all season ticket holders. Also the policy change will be noted in the Fan Guide, stadium signage and announcements, videoboard and LED board messages, the team’s official website, sponsorship promotional stadium giveaways and comments by on-air talent.

The Illinois Smoke Free Act passed the State Legislature during the beginning of the month of July and it was signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Monday, July 23. The act bans smoking in indoor public venues, workplaces inside and outside such as bars, restaurants, casinos and bowling alleys, sports arenas that are "enclosed or partially enclosed", and smoking within 15 feet of entrances or open windows of buildings where smoking has been banned. The ban will become effective on Jan. 1, 2008, but the policy will be implemented for all Bears games at Soldier Field this season, rather than change the policy for any potential home playoff contests in January of 2008.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Now Chicago cops got a new reason for approaching Blacks smoking outside

One thing that concerns me on this state ban is more smoke cops approaching me in the streets next year, and they try to lie to me about me smoking less than 15 feet away from a building. When I know darn well I'm not less than 15 ft away!

It's sad there are cops in my town who will approach innocent folks similar to me for no freakin reason. After all, I heard about Chicago cops who have shot innocent versions of "us" because they claimed we looked like gamg members or whatever, And now, they got the "enforcing the state smoking ban" excuse as a reason for approaching more bros/sis who smoke outside. I could see confronting someone who is smoking inside. But if I'm smoking outside, mind your own business. And you oughta be worried about those of us in the streets who REALLY look suspicious!

I'm NOT trying to make this new law sound like a hidden racial issue. But I will predict in 2008, more of us in Chicago might get hurt by darn cops as we innocently smoke outside.

Maybe I'm not clear enough (if anyone still doesn't get my point). But since we live in a time where most people connect smokers with evil folks, and combined with enforcing a 15 ft smoking law, some of those cops might think since I'm smoking near a building, then I might be spying on folks. And as I already mentioned, there ARE some cops in this town who will walk up to someone like me for no legit reason. And now, they got a new dumb reason for approaching me ("See that guy smoking a few steps from the doorway? I'm going up to him to see if he has anything on him.").

Sunday, July 29, 2007

IL ban will cause crap for IL bars near WI border

" I mean, sure, there might be a downslide for a little while, he said. "But eventually people will get used to the change."

(Quote from this ARTICLE)

I got news for you "bud" with another one of your silly quotes. I'm already living in an area of IL with a smoking ban that's 1.5 years old, and I'm STILL not "used to the change." And since I view a smoking ban more like a discriminatory law rather than a "health law," if you think I'll eventually get used to a law that promotes society to discriminate smokers, then you're nuts.

Those smokers near the IL/WI border will never get used to the change either. Even if they don't exactly agree with my views on a smoking ban. If I lived near the border, I'd get a ride to a WI tavern myself where I can drink and smoke. If a tavern expects me to spend money inside, then I expect to see an ashtray inside of the tavern. I'd really hate to see IL taverns close down within only a few DAYS. But I and mills of other IL smokers won't spend crap in an IL tavern if we can't smoke in it.

That down side will be for a LONG while. As negative as that sounds, trust my words. IL ban supporters will learn the hard way smokers represent the majority of hospitality customers.