Thursday, July 26, 2007

Smoking bans kill people

The following are headline examples of people getting hurt and/or killed by smoking bans. I don't think some of these are "fake headlines" as antis would claim. But you can find these headlines and more headlines at this LINK.

Of course, if you don't like reading negative headlines like these, no need to read this post. I'm just providing proof that smoking bans are laws that bring anything but happiness and peaceful lives. I wonder if that pregnant woman who got shot (within the cited headlines) is the same lady I read about within the "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" novel.

Utah: A teenager was murdered for smoking in downtown Salt Lake City.
Ohio: Man Beaten To Death For Not Giving Up Cigarette. Ricardo Leon, 23, died.
UK: Nurse stabbed to death at hospital in an outside smoking area.
UK: man killed wife and two sons over her smoking. John Jarvis, 42, stabbed his wife Patricia in the heart and then murdered their sons, John, 11, and Stuart, eight.

Louisiana: Pregnant woman shot over cigarette. 18-year-old refused to stop smoking.
CA: A 21-year-old woman was stabbed several times early Saturday outside a Carlsbad home when she went outside to smoke a cigarette, police said.
California: Smoker Gunned Down. A gunman fatally shot a man outside a sports bar in unincorporated Hayward as the man took a cigarette break, authorities said Friday.

Illinois: Smoker Falls To Death. Ian Honeycutt, 28, of Glenview, tumbled from a ninth-floor apartment, blown off a window sill by a gust of wind while smoking. His aunt asked him not to smoke inside, police sources said.
Ireland: Eamonn Mulvenna, 20 year old victim died when he fell from a fire escape being used as a smoking area because of the ban.
Canada: A 65 year old smoker dies out in the cold.
Alabama: Smoker Attacked. He was standing in a parking lot, smoking a cigarette when he was attacked

New York. 60 year old man beaten unconscious for smoking.
Florida: Father Stabs Son Over Cigarette.
New Zealand: Abduction And Rape Of Smoking Woman. The incident proved people would be more vulnerable if they had to go outside and smoke, something Prime Minister Helen Clark had not thought of, he said.
Ireland: Three men had jaws broken as they smoked outside pubs in Sligo, Kilkenny and Dublin
Colorado: Bar Owner Blames Smoking Ban For Rape. A Pueblo bar owner says the smoking ban that forced his female employee outside is directly responsible for her rape.

Texas: Date Rape Pill Put in Drink, While Going Outside for Cigarette. Maria says she and two other friends stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. She says it was during that time that someone spiked her drink.
UK: A female backpacker fell 100 feet to her death from the roof of a hostel early yesterday. The 20-year-old Canadian plunged six storeys into a lane at around 3am. One theory is that she climbed onto the flat roof of the no-smoking Edinburgh Backpackers hostel for a cigarette.

Colorado: Courtney Chinn, 25, of Colorado Springs was shot and killed in an area near the Anchor Lounge where smokers congregate on September 20, 2003. [It is said] the problem of crime outside of bars where smokers gather will persist.
Africa: Baby sister killed in brothers' anti smoking crossfire. 3 Year Old Girl Dies In Smoking Ban War.

UK: Boy smoker hanged himself. A 12-year-old boy hanged himself with his school tie rather than admit to his parents that he had been caught smoking
Wisconsin: Girl kills herself after being caught with a cigarette.

Massachusetts: Melissa Pierce and Angela Aiello, after leaving the bar to smoke, were struck in the heads with a metal pipe. Richard Jervah of Lynn was pushed through a plate glass window. Arthur Brestovitsky was stabbed in the chest, face, and arm.

Smokers who wanna quit shouldn't use tax increases as an excuse

"I like smoking, but I'm all for being healthy, too," she said. "Anything that helps you think of quitting is good."

So, ma'am, you think raising the prices will make you quit? You don't need to wait til IL raise tobacco taxes before you decide to quit. You can quit at ANY time if you really want to!

Of course, I agree with most of the smokers in the article this quote comes from. Raising the cig tax won't make me quit enjoying the pleasure of smoking menthols. But it will change me on HOW I get cigs. Buy outta state as I've been doing already, buy online, I gotta do whatever it takes to save money on my habit AND avoid giving IL a single penny for cigs at the same time.

I can't stand smokers who use price increases and smoking bans as excuses for quitting. If you wanna stay healthy, you would've stopped smoking a lot sooner than now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Adding insult to injury for IL smokers

Here's some more sad news if you live in IL and smoke. How about a proposed cig tax increase of 75 cents per pack?

I know. If you don't buy your cigs in IL or get MYO cigs, this news doesn't matter to you. It doeesn't matter to me either. But it sure is offensive to have a statewide smoking ban bill signed. And then present a new bill 2 days later about the cig tax increase.

Sounds like IL is on its way of becoming the midwest version of CA. The only difference is there's no IL city where residents are legally allowed to terrorize smokers. I really wish I was playing on legally terrorizing smokers in a CA city called Belmont. But that's the actual case. I hear a smoker can legally get shot and killed in that city.

The anti poison-anda is so strong in IL, this state is doing everything it can to force me and other IL smokers to qut smoking. Raising the prices won't make me quit. Not when I have the option of getting MYOs and buying cigs outta state. And some smokers will continue buying packs from illegal dealers in the streets of downtown Chicago.

A smoking ban definitely won't make smokers quit. The state ban will make smokers more arrogant, vicious, and disobedient. It'll even make owners disobedient by ignoring the new law (particularly businesses in small IL towns). But mills of smokers in IL quitting during 2008 with the new state ban? In your freakin dreams, pal!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The bad news for IL smokers and IL owners is now official

On July 23, Rod B signed the bill which makes IL's statewide smoking ban official as of Jan 1, 2008. ARTICLE LINK

This is a sad day for IL. And it really pees me off that this stupid Governor actually said he wishes IL had a bill like this sooner. He's a big liar, when he said months ago it should be up to the owners and local communities when it comes to banning smoking. He even supports stealing freedom of choice from smokers and owners!

And even bar owners who used to be against local smoking bans in IL are now in favor of a state ban. That's a case of those owners drinking anti poisonanda so to speak. Those owners probably believe in leveling the playing field with a state ban. But there's no such thing as leveling the playing field. Businesses in IL will close down, smokers will go out of state to get those meals and drinks, and IL smokers will even avoid playing the lottery within IL.

I'd love to blow some smoke in Rod's face. This state could use a smokers rally before 2008 comes, similar to the one I heard about in Hawaii from earlier in the year.

If you can't smoke in IL, why bother living in this screwed-up state? IL doesn't deserve even pennies from smokers