Saturday, July 7, 2007

How I developed civil disobedience thinking

I probably talked about this topic in groups before, but not within my own blog.

I could get along with no smoking on a bus or train. But when smoking started getting banned in restaurants, I thought that went too far. My motto is "A restaurant expects me to support them but yet I can't smoke inside? When cigs are a LEGAL leaf unlike the other leaf I tried smoking once? No way! I'm either gonna keep my wallet shut, or if I am forced to enter, I'm gonna study the place and find the best place to smoke inside in secret fashion."

I can't get in trouble for smoking in prohibited areas if I'm not caught. I could be a good smoker and obey the signs. But I gotta be me. I'm a smoker, and I pay so many darn taxes (as well as me voting on Election Days), I feel smoking inside is a must if IL and the Fed Govt expects me to give them money via having money deducted from my paychecks for those taxes. I oughta get 5 free cartons of cgs if I'm eligible for tax refunds in the future.

I heard once smokers in Egypt light up wherever they please, and they don't have to worry about smoke cops. But yet, if I light up anywhere I please, I'll get ticketed if caught. Sounds like I need to actually visit Africa where older generations of my family lived at, and if I wanna find one country (Egypt) that's a smoker's paradise. Unfortunately, I hear smoking ban proposals are on the table for Egypt.

I know if we allowed smoking in restaurants again, there would be no need to engage in civil disobedience.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Even kids are pressuring their parents to quit smoking

I read this article that deals with teachers in UK schools urging kids to pressure the kids' parents to stop smoking. By using the "Kids have the right to live in a smoke-free house" thinking.

If I was a dad, and my own kid pressured me to stop smoking, I'd give him/her the same treatment my mom gave me. I'd remind the kid:

"This is MY HOUSE! And I make the darn rules. Now if you don't like smelling cig smoke in this house, we can make arrangements for you to live somewhere else. And quite frankly, when you become a teen, you need to try one of these menthols before you snitch about smoking. There's a reason why you see lots of bros and sis smoking menthols. They know smoking is bad, but sheet, there are LOTS of bad things in life. Some of them even worse than smoking a cig!"

"I'm the one that helped put you in this world. But if you want a smoke-free house, I'll do everything I can to give you your wish. Because WE ("Mommy" and I") REFUSE TO QUIT SMOKING JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE BEING TAUGHT TO FORCE US TO QUIT IN SCHOOLS!" Understand?"

I don't believe in spanking (something my mother did to me a lot when I was little). And my mother actually did the right thing in encouraging me to at least try smoking, Antis think she's a bad mom for encouraging me to try smoking when I was 13. But SCREW YOU ANTIS! If I never followed her advice of "You oughta try smoking before you B about it" I'd still be a lowlife anti to this day. She saved me from the lie of "Smoking will make you die" by making menthols sound like refreshing friends. And they ARE refreshing! :)

And fellow smoking activists helped my pro-smoking attitude get better over the years.

I might even look into homeschooling my would-be kids. I can educate my kids better than a bunch of brainwashed teachers. Teachers pressuring their students to become smoke cops in the kids' own homes oughta get fired on the spot! This world is becoming more sadder!

I never made those arrangements to live somewhere else because within a few weeks after I tried smoking for the first time in my life, I gave my mother a huge apology for the sheet I used to give her, She did her initial part of saving me from anti poison-anda, and smoking activists helped me build on my pro-smoking thinking.

And if a teacher urged me to get my mother to quit smoking, I'd probably tell the teacher: "I don't care if you send me to the principal for saying this. But screw you and go to heck. My mother and I both smoke, and we both like it. Have you ever smoked? If not, you have no darn right telling me and my mom how to live. You gotta try it for yourself."

My mother would probably look into homeschooling me if a school in modern times expelled me for using that bad (but still honest) language at an adult.

Monday, July 2, 2007

More MYO smokers means less $$ for the states

One smoking activist online views buying cigs from tobacco shops outside of the US (MYOs particularly) as civil disobedience. Well, buying MYO materials outside of the US is still rule-breaking, since the smoker is still avoiding paying all 50 states tobacco taxes. Albeit that's not my personal version of breaking smoking-related laws. Most people know my version of civil disobedience.

His point was if all smokers switched to buying MYOs online from tobacco shops outside of the US, the states would think twice on smoking bans. Since none of them would be collecting tobacco taxes by smoking MYOs instead, and they wouldn't be able to balance their income (with the loss of tobacco taxes). I actually follow this point.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of brainwashed smokers who are committed to their favorite premades, and they still believe in making trips to other states in order to save money on their habit. When I first tried MYOs, I got some negative comments when smokers on my job saw me smoking regular MYOs. Comments like "MYOs taste horrible." (How do you know? Did you roll up the cig yourself, or use a machine to make it?)

"I don't have time to be making cigs. When I need one now, I NEED it." (I understand....I'd rather spend time smoking than making cigs. But some MYO smokers are capable of making a pack in only a few mins).

And then there are young ones who smoke the "in-brands." The brands that are very popular in other words. And these smokers refuse to smoke anythang else. Newports is obviously one in-brand.

I think the key to getting all smokers to switch to MYOs is trying to convince to them if the states and anti orgs stopped collecting money from tobacco taxes, they would think twice on smoking bans. You know, help them get rid of that "I'm smoking only these and only these" mentality.

But then the real challenge is trying to convince mills of smokers, especially young ones, that spending time making cigs yourself is darn worth it. After all, this is one key if you ever want to see smoking bans get revoked. But I know for those smokers who have busy lives and not much spare time would have a challenge of finding time to make cigs.

I like the idea of every single cig smoker enjoying MYOs, since that would mean no cig taxes for the states. But the challenge of making this goal a reality lies within the brainwashed smokers who don't see this point. All they want are packs of their favorite brands,

And these smokers didn't spend too much time giving MYOs a try (among those who told me MYOs taste like sheet).

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hooray for the Brits!

I just finished reading about the big day over there in UK which was held on the date of this post.

I see an antismoker showed up and the owner physically removed the motha from his house. I actually read the pub is his house as well as his business. I hope he shoved the anti out of his business. I probably would've told the anti to go outside where you belong, you filthy piece of crap.

I hear the day was a good old-fashioned day at the pub with lots of peace and lots of support from nonsmokers who believe in freedom of choice. It's cool to see nonsmokers supporting the same rights smokers are fighting for. Those nons are probably not brainwashed by anti poison-anda.

It's good the cops didn't interfere with this event. But I bet if this day happened in say CA, the smoke cops would turn the Day of Defiance into a big riot. That would actually be sad, because when it comes to expressing freedom of choice publicly at a pub, we don't need threats and violence from smoke cops. At least those Brit cops know about showing respect to smokers and nons who believe in the freedom of choice.

I hope one day, the smokers and nons who believe in freedom of choice will see a similar day here in the US. Sure, everyone who keeps up with smokers rights news worldwide knows about this UK Defiance day. But I'll be surprised if the US media brings it up.

Those UK folks also showed smokers are normal human beings who have rights like everyone else in this world.

If you wanna read about the Defiance Day in more detail, here's a link to the post Blad left in his blog.

http://pro-choicesm okingdoctor. blogspot. com/2006_ 06_01_archive. html