Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why IL politicians don't care abotu a solution

If the state makes 2 billion bucks/day off of cig sales, why would IL politicians care about a "solution [to making both sides happy on the smoking ban issue]?" As long as tobacco never gets illegal to them, money talks with those losers living the high life off of smokers' money.

I actually would like to see tobacco sales get banned. So the state of IL can be forced to pour hefty taxes on fast food, junk food, and add even more liquor taxes. They could make 4 billion bucks/day off of fast food lovers.

I'm sure folks on [that Trib forum] would call that idea unfair on making tobacco illegal but taxing fast food by a lot. It sounds fair to me. It would allow you to see how unconstitutional it is to tax one group of people heavily.

And if tobacco actually did get banned or if every person didn't smoke in IL, where are those politicians gonna get 2 billion bucks/day then? That moolah wouldn't come from cig sales! Because cigs would be illegal, remember?

Just think about it....if someone asked me for a solution to the smoking ban matter...but I collect my billions of bucks from cig sales for the day, I'd probably say "F the ban! As long as you keep smoking I will be rich FOREVER!" I bet that's the IL politiicans' attitudes for real!

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