Friday, December 14, 2007

Those antis oughta try sucking lollipops

I actually enjoyed debating with antis over there at the Trib forum. When antis online can't come up with evidence to back up their opinions (or facts as they like to call em) they just leave.

That sure is a mature way to end a smoking debate...when you can't produce proof, just leave the "self-righteous" smokers alone. I'd be ROFL if I was imagining us having an offline debate.

The funniest insult I read on there is how "Smokers think they have a right to suck on their cigarettes around those who hate it. They just need something to suck eh? Just quit and suck on lollipops."

I can't suck on lollipops. These can't produce smoke of any type. Some people who quit smoking cigs switch to smoking "something else" instead. If these antis think I should quit, I'd still have a desire to smoke something else. I love the feeling of smoke inside of me!

But tobacco is better for me to smoke compared to that other leaf. I think I'd rather smoke a cigar instead if I DID give antis their wish. LOL

But I don't believe in giving any groups what they want. I do what's best for ME. Not them.

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