Saturday, December 15, 2007

A rare legit Q from a forum poisoned with antismokers

This is a rare post from someone who asked a valid, respectable Q on another forum:

"Now Jay,
Civil disobedience means being civil, right? "

Nope. Civil disobedience is when smokers and owners ignore a smoking ban. You know of owners who simply let their customers smoker.

And when someone is smoking on a Chicago beach, that's civil disobedience too. Since the smokers are violating the ban. You can learn more on civil disobedience in the different smokers rights forums/groups out there.

The description you gave (in your Q) is an American who is obedient instead of DIS-obedient.

Civil disobedience can even include 11-16 year-old Black kids who get away with buying packs with a fake ID. Afta all, they're getting away with breaking anotha smoking law that says you can't buy tobacco if you're under 18.

Civil disobedience in my eyes is the breaking of laws that sound age limits on buying tobacco (these neva existed when I was a lil boy..I could've bought Newports from a vending machine at Dunkin Donuts back then If I had money!), and the smoking bans.

And basically speaking, I guess you can argue when someone breaks ANY law, that person is disobedient period. I've seen several laws being broken during my life in Chicago that goes beyond underage smoking, breaking smoking bans, and those who steal. The only thang I haven't seen yet is a teen driving a motorcycle.

What are some otha thangs I've seen people do illegally in Chicago? I'd ratha not answer that because it's off-topic for my blog. So I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by visiting certain areas of Chicago.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

Yep, I already have been practicing civil disobedience on the beach smoking issue for some time, that's for sure. :)

BTW, and just in case you didn't know, the only other governments/park districts along Lake Michigan that were pathetic enough to restrict smoking on their beaches are Wilmette, Lake Forest, Ottawa County(MI), and Muskegon(MI). I'll also note that Wisconsin counties and cities/towns have been very smart, by the fact that NOT one government or park district has chosen to restrict smoking on their beaches. As for Muskegon(MI), I should note that this city only chose to have designated beach areas where smoking was allowed, and didn't go for an outright ban, unlike the other 3 governments(plus Chicago). Still am not happy at all with Muskegon's decision, obviously.


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