Sunday, December 30, 2007

There used to be tons of wealthy ppl living in the USA?

I'm sure a lotta wealthy people lived in America in the old days. Those people were so wealthy back then, they thought they had higher power over poor "colored people" in those days.

In modern times, it's the politicians who are wealthy off of smokers' money. Those politicians think they're so wealthy, they have the right to treat smokers as MONEY slaves and abuse smokers' income. Never mind the fact the politicians believe in forcing every place to become smoke-free. So they take the smokers' money...but they don't want poor folks smoking in places. I heard in some countries with smoking bans, the politicians can still smoke in their offices. If there's a smoking ban, the rich gotta follow the rules like everyone else.

But I guess as long as you're wealthy, you're free to do whatever you want since the poor can't do anything in their eyes.

Well one group of "poor" people found a way to end the classical version of slavery in America. Some of them even lost their lives in exchange for earning freedom for Africans living in the US. I wouldn't be living here myself if it wasn't for them.

It would be nice to see another group of poor people (that being smokers) to end the modern slavery in America. I hope it won't take decades to bring down anti poisonanda though.

Some folks love to gasp when they see me light up a cig. I guess it's a crime for someone as nice-looking as me to be smoking? Or maybe they never saw a "colored" person smoke in their whole lives....LOL!!

I hope they'll be gasping again at seeing a large group of smokers challenge the validity of a slave-like smoking ban. Who said smokers are weak and not smart in fighting back?

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