Friday, December 14, 2007

That list of Ohio businesses ignoring the Ohio ban is a cool list

Thanks to D-Nuggets for leaving that link to Ohio businesses ignoring the Ohio ban in here as a comment.

Here's a direct link
since I don't think that URL he left is clickable.

If that's a preview of what is gonna come for IL, I agree. I might even have a grin on my face if I run into a site during 2008 with a list of IL businesses ignoring the state ban.

Someone on the Trib forum recommended using tobacco licenses. That is a good idea to me. In order to allow smoking in an adult-only joint, the owner needs a tobacco license.

Even if that idea happens for real on businesses obtaining liquor licenses, an anti still has every darn right to open up a voluntary smoke-free tavern or restaurant with a bar. But antis don't want to open up their own smoke-free places. Thy want to control the current businesses themselves.

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You're very welcome, Jay!