Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The state ban will bring more violence to Chicago

In 2008, I expect to see people still smoking in the streets, and I wouldn't be surprised if bar owners ignore the new state ban.

But owners ignoring the state ban means we will have bar raids. And those bar raids will be far from peaceful....especially if we talking about a bar raid in a rough area of the city. If antis think smokers are weak, then the smoke cops betta be prepared to deal with armed smokers.

This would sound like a joke if we were living in the 60s, when people lived peacefully, especially afta the civil rights half of that decade ended with a victory for "us."

But this ain't 1967. This is 2007 (almost 2008) when packs and cartons are at sky-hi prices, and you can't even smoke in adult-only joints anymore. Heck, in modern times, several cartons of cigs is like someone getting their hands on tons of cash!

Anotha difference between the two time periods is people are more aggressive in modern times than they were in the 60's. As a matta of fact, if an anti tried walking up to a smoker in Chicago and say "You can't smoke here," that anti might feel pain from the smoker as a result. I'm not gonna deny I'd make that anti feel pain myself if he/she approached me like that.

There are LOTS of thangs "ppl ain't supposed to do" in Chicago. But they do it anyway. Good luck in stopping a kid from drinking beer. You might have betta luck keeping guns outta of a kid's hands instead of trying to make sure nobody is smoking in all of the bars. But keeping guns away from kids ain't easy in my town either.

I wish I had a Rated-G prediction of how Chicago will be in 2008 with a state smoking ban. But I believe I'm telling the truth when I say "It won't be pretty especially when bar owners get unexpected visits from cops and antis."

I'm not gonna sugarcoat my predictions with "Oh smokers will just accept tickets and owners will agree to pay the fines." That would be a lie for a prediction, especially in rough areas. Simply put, the rough areas of Chicago is where LOTS of thangs are illegal but folks do it anyway. As in "My life, and it's none of your freakin' business! We doing what it takes to make a living out here! And if you don't like it, then eitha leave or face the music!"

And I'm not just talking about people ignoring a smoking ban, and kids having easy access to packs and cartons. I wonder what an anti would do if he saw a kid with a can of beer or a bottle of vodka. LOL

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