Monday, December 3, 2007

Smoking is certainly part of my culture

I guess smoking can be a cultural thing with some groups in society. After all, I've mentioned before in here about the different things smokers in my culture do that is normal in my eyes but not normal to others in society.

I do know the smoking bans as well as the other tobacco laws haven't damaged the smokers in my culture. I do notice in recent years, I've seen more smokers walking in the streets with cigars. Cigars are cheaper than cigs. And instead of quitting, those fellow smokers simply switch to the cigars.

But we'll see how long that lasts. Since antis want to see cigars heavily taxed too. I actually dunno how the state ban will effect Chicago, since Chicago already has a local ban. I still expect to see underage smokers in the streets in my area, as well as people selling packs illegally. Based on the environment I live in, it's even easy for me to forget about the local ban. But an anti might actually have a heart attack at seeing my environment. hee hee

One change I expect to see are smokers getting outraged when smoke cops pay a visit to taverns violating the state ban....since 2008 will be the first year of smoke-free taverns in Chicago.

I'm actually more interested in seeing if the beach ban will be enforced. Because with so many smoking bans the cops will try to enforce in Chicago, they might forget about the more important issues in the city.

One of those more important issues is related with this time of the year....with the holidays and crowded stores. When people go into stores and try to get away with lifting stuff. I'd be more concerned about a lifter in a store instead of a person smoking a cig in that same store...depending on the store, I hear a voice that yells out "NO SMOKING IN THE STORE PLEASE!" And the person keeps saying those words til the smoker puts out the cig. Then the voice says "THANK YOU!" This usually happens in big hardware stores/stores similar to Walmart.

"Please" is the right word! You need to be focusing more on people putting stuff in their pockets instead of focusing on one person smoking. But I guess it's not always easy to identify a lifter on cam since they're fast and they're actually not smoking. hee hee

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